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Draw this again meme by ilolamai

I think this picture is just lovely, the background is very well detailed, I love the laptop, the key's and the that DA I s...

Gemuine Prank by Toxic-Mario

I really like your work, this is lovely and it's really funny. You drew this then made the image on photoshop? That is really impressiv...


Hey...still really bad at these, unfortunately and fortunately I got hired this past week which put a little damper on the aforementioned release of I Hate That I Love You and the NarutoXKakashi chapters. However, I've got my new schedule organized and I should update both stories and my Youtube channel and my fanfiction while keeping my sanity. Sorry about the lousy update but things got a little hectic after I got the news. Really happy about the new job and even happier about the possibilities in my future, thanks for sticking around and again, sorry about the lousy update.
Um...hi watchers. The next installment of I Hate That I Love You should be out tomorrow and the next part of the NarutoXKakashi should be finished by either Wednesday or Saturday depending on how the plot I'm building works out. Thanks for the patience and you guys are awesome. :meow:

I Hate That I Love you (Eren X Reader)


     {Good Listener...}


     I just ran and found myself a place to hide from everyone, Shadis, Levi and Petra. No way would I be allowed to stay if they ever found out about this whole thing!

     I hid on top of the cabin where our bunks were, staying on the shady part of the roof to avoid being spotted when the cadets were gathered. Shadis raised his voice and I couldn’t hear from where I was but I was able to see Eren step forward with my baton in hand. I felt my cheeks heat up and my body tense up. Shadis took the baton and said something to Eren who stood saluting him then responded by pointing…directly at my hiding place! Shadis looked over at my spot and bowed his head before turning back to Eren.

     I shivered in my place as I tried to piece together my dignity and consider my next option when Shadis suddenly called my name and my stomach dropped. I knew what came next and I stood up, preparing to flee but turned and ran directly into Levi who stood with his arms crossed, glaring down at me. He wasn't that tall himself but I was still pretty damn small compared to him, the screwed up bit was I think that pleased him a little; being taller than someone.

     “Oh no,” I said low as he stepped into my space.

     “Is that anyway to welcome a Captain?”

     “Sorry, please tell me you’re here to say hi,” I asked.

     “Please don’t insult my intelligence like that.” He said bluntly.

     “I know…” I said bowing my head in shame.

     “We need to talk about today, what happened?” he asked, slightly leaning forward to be eye level with me.

     “I don’t…really know-OUCH!” I shouted when he smacked the back of my head.

     “What did I say about insulting my intelligence?” he said, his glare intensifying.

     “I mean it! I don’t really know what happened!” I said holding my head now, feeling even smaller!

     “Then walk me through it, it happened moments ago there is no way you’ve forgotten!” he said evenly.

     I sighed and tried to think it over carefully. “I was sparring with Eren and I started remembering when the walls fell; what happened I mean, then I remembered that I used to live close to Eren. I think I heard his mother die; her blood rained down on my mother and me, it was awful-“ I felt a chill race up my spine at the memory of the copper smell in the air around us.

     “How are you sure?” he asked, lowering his voice to a softer tone.

     “I just am; something in me is telling me that it was her…also I think I heard Eren’s voice calling out to her.” I said and lowered myself down into a curled up position, hugging my knees to my chest as I recalled the ache I felt in my chest at the sound of Eren’s broken scream. I was no taller now than Levi's knees with my (h/c) pooling behind my rear.

     Levi lowered himself into a squatting position before me and stared out over the dusty plateau of land. “You can’t dwell on things like that, it doesn’t help you. Though it is a painful memory, you grew from it and learned from it, you might be a little different if you hadn’t experienced the things you experienced.” He said low and I lifted my head to look out over the land as well.

     The dried out dusty earth kicked up with the wind and danced in small tornadoes; a beautiful mess of a ballet and I remembered my early days training here. Push-ups, runs, sparring; I remembered how that dust would cling to my clothes as dew clings to leaves in the morning.

     I sighed softly at the memory and smiled a little when Levi continued talking.

     “We sometimes have to go through hardships because we are always being tested and those tests are getting harder the longer we pretend the walls will always protect us.” He looked over to me and I spotted something odd in his eyes…a strange look, a fondness of sorts. “Sometimes, important people are lost during those tests and that just makes it harder to go on but if we make it to the end, then we have won.” He looks away and stands up, only then do I notice that he isn’t wearing his cloak; probably not wanting to be noticed so easily. “The tricky part is deciding where the end is.” He cast a glance down at me and I shivered. “I certainly hope your end isn’t now,” he said before stepping back and pointing to Shadis and I knew everyone was watching. “Now you get down there and take your lumps like a good soldier!” he ordered and I moved to salute but he stopped me.

     “Knock it off, while the formalities are appreciated, you don’t have to salute me when it’s just us.” He patted my shoulder and I smiled a little before taking off toward the group.

     I reluctantly left my place and soon I stood before Shadis and the entire camp with my head bowed in embarrassment and noticed Eren holding my baton, my shoulders tensed; I knew I was in for it.

     “Here, sir.” I answered, sounding like a mouse to his booming voice.

     He motioned for Eren to step forward and he did and moved to hand Shadis the baton but Shadis only gestured at it, didn’t take it. “What the hell is that?”

     “My baton sir,” I said, my voice still shaking.

     “Why do you have that?”

     “For safety purposes sir,” I tried to keep my answers clipped and simple; no reason to pry further.

     “Did you use this on fellow cadets during training?”

     “Just Cadet Jaeger, sir,” I said feeling my cheeks burn.

     He finally took the baton from Eren and patted my head with it.

     “I’m very disappointed in you,” they froze.

     Eren’s eyes were wide and scared, wondering why he was talking to me like that. It wasn’t because I was a girl because he’d made Sasha run until she almost died her first day.

     “Luckily you didn’t hurt anyone but that kind of behavior is unacceptable.” He held the baton before me. “I’m keeping this,” he said.

     I expected as much. “Yes sir,”

    He sighed, knowing that to be fair he had to dole out a physical punishment as well as a verbal one but…because of our past, he couldn’t really raise his voice at me…which meant my physical punishment would be even worse.

     “Go run 250 laps around the camp.”

     250?! He couldn’t be serious, that’s more laps than I ran when I accidentally dislocated his wrist once!

     “But Uncle Keith-“I started, accidentally using my childish name for him and he glared down at me, I should know better! “Yes sir,” I said, a small squeaking sound coming from me.

     He nodded off in the direction in which I should start and I took off, without my baton.



    Later, in the evening just after dinner time I began my 237th lap around the camp. My legs felt like logs, my chest felt like fire and my head-don’t get me started. I passed by the camp and spotted a few kids on the porch watching me run and I looked away, the fact that they watched me now didn’t shame me, the fact that I’d slipped up by calling Shadis ‘Uncle Keith’ which I was ordered not to do during training and they’d all heard me. I felt like a child, trying to use a cute trick to get out of punishment and I know better than to try that!

    I looked up; the light tower meant I’d begun my 238th lap. Just 12 more and I’d be done, I’d be going to bed hungry though, and that’s the sad bit. During my 126th lap, I caught a whiff of the food and sighed with longing; oh they’d made mashed potatoes with chicken! I knew we wouldn’t be eating as well tomorrow since there’d likely be nothing left over.

     I sighed…just another part of the punishment I suppose. I then picked up on a sound that started up behind me and I turned to see Eren running up and falling into step beside me. I just stared for a moment when he glanced down at me. “Hey-“

     I suddenly had a face full of dirt and I was on the ground, I’d tripped on a gopher hole because I’d been staring at him. I felt all of my limbs begin to shut down, my dignity fading and my face heating up when I felt an arm under my elbow pulling me up. I looked and Eren was trying to get me to my feet.

     “Get up, quick, if you lose your momentum that’ll just make the last few laps seem longer, now let’s go!” he ordered and I rushed to get up. My whole body fell back into the slow rhythym despite my momentary stop. Such a short stop and my body was perfectly ready to settle in right there in the dirt!

     I was soon running again and Eren at my side this time, I cast a glance at him, careful not to trip this time. We ran in silence for a moment when I decided to talk. “Why are you doing this?”

     “Are you Shadis’ niece?” he asked, ignoring my question.

     “No, I’m just a kid that trains here, like you.” I said.

     “I’m not dumb, you called him Uncle and he didn’t completely rip you apart for that baton thing. You’ve gotta be related to him somehow,” he said as we passed the watch tower that signaled lap number 239.

     “Look, I’m not really supposed to talk about it; I don’t want you guys thinking he gives me special treatment or something.” I admitted.

    He laughed at me, a hooting noise but almost lyrical. “You call this special treatment? Now you really owe me an answer because saying that while doing this doesn't make sense.”

     “Yeah…I guess so.”

     “So are you his family?”

     “No, I um…I’m an orphan, it was just my mom and me when the wall fell. My sisters were killed and my dad died of fever the year before.”

     “I’m sorry, it’s hard to lose your parents.” He said lowly.


     “So how do you know Shadis so closely?”

     “He watched over me when my mother died.”

     “I could understand you falling into someone’s care but…I don’t understand how you’d end up with him?” he said and I tried to hold back, just a little.

     “It’s a really long story that I don’t think I’m ready to tell yet.” I said.

     He glanced over at me and smiled. “I understand,”

     Soon we passed the tower again and I suddenly grunted. “Damn it! How many times have we passed the watch tower, I lost count!”

     “We passed it twice now, why?”

     “It is how I kept count of the laps I ran.” I said thinking a little.

    So if we passed it twice then that means I should be on my 241st lap, nine more to go. I ran on with Eren at my side. We talked a little, mostly his friends and what they went through after the walls fell. Soon I began thinking about the things I said today.

    “Eren, I'm...I'm sorry about the stuff I said today.” He kept running quietly, glancing over at me as I continued talking. “It was a little intense but I should have been more sensetive to you and the situation with your mom-”

    Suddenly Eren pulled me to a stop and my lungs finally let me have it, as did the rest of me.

     “What are you doing, we still have one more lap to go.” I said with a slightly raised voice.

     “We…? I joined you because I wanted to, I could have quit whenever I wanted to.” He said chuckling at me.

     “Then why’d you stop me?” I asked, furrowing my brow.

     “Because you miss counted while we ran, that last lap was your last lap.” He said pointing behind him with his thumb.

     I didn’t think I was finished, “Wait a minute, if you knew I miss counted then why didn’t you tell me before?”

     “Because you feel like you got off easier now, a pretty good feeling when your being punished.” He crossed his arms and looked down at me. “By the way...” He said and smiled at me. “It's Ok, we all had a rough time when the wall fell and to be honest, I can't exactly remember everything about that time either. I don't blame you for remembering something, it's not your fault. I'm a little surprised that you lived close to us and I can't remember you at all.” He chuckled and I grinned a little, still trying to catch my breath.

     “You aren’t as dimwitted as you seem Eren,” I extended a hand to him and he shook it strongly.

     “Nice to know we’re on better terms now,”

     “Yeah, well I’m gonna go wash up…um, thanks for running those last few with me Eren, that means a lot.” I said before stepping away and walking towards the camp while Eren stood there staring after me.



     Later I entered the mess hall, everyone was gone and there were no lights on until I spotted the single candle over where Armin was sitting with a book in his hands. I saw an untouched plate of food beside him and when he looked up-no doubt sensing my presence-he waved at me.

     “Hey there, come here.” He gestured at the plate and I tried not to hurry.

     I walked over to the table and stared directly at the food, still steaming a little-it was warm!

     “Eren managed to save some food from dinner, it was a real challenge with Sasha insisting that she get to eat it but Mikasa kept her at bay while we hid the plate.” He smiled up at me and I sat down next to him and shifted my gaze from the food to Armin.

     “Thank you Armin, but why are you just sitting here by yourself?”

     “You technically won the fight earlier so I’m your study buddy for the next two months.” He grinned a little.

     I looked up at Armin and his face got pale and terrified as tears welled up in my (e/c) eyes. “What’s wrong, why are you crying?”

     “I’m…happy and sad; you guys are so nice to me after everything that happened today!” I said and Armin set a hand on my shoulder.

     “No, it’s alright. We could kinda see that there’s something important there between you and Shadis and we felt bad, that must have been pretty embarrassing to be scolded right in front of us all.” He said. “I mean for us it’s one thing because he’s in charge but it’s different I guess because you’re family.”

     “No I’m not family…it’s not-ugh it’s such a long story!” I sighed putting my head down in my hands.

     I bit my tongue and wiped the small tears away, and steeled myself then looked down at the food. I leaned down and sniffed; bringing a smile to my face instantly. A warm sheen reddened my cheeks as the smell of boiled chicken and buttery mashed potatoes overwhelmed my hungry senses.

     I looked over at Armin who had put his book down and seemed to be pondering on something, his brow was furrowed and his eyes seemed as if they were looking elsewhere. “How do you know Shadis?” he finally said.

     I sighed and put my hands on my lap, I knew someone would ask after today. “Well, it's a long story...”

     “I'm a good listener,” he smiled up at me and I grinned, he seemed way too cheery to be a soldier then again you can never tell what's in a book by the cover.

     “Ok, two years after Maria fell, I lost my mother to the titans and the Scouts saved me but didn't know what to do with me. They didn't want to just leave me at an orphanage, especially since they were already brimming with children orphaned from the fall of Wall Maria. After some consideration they brought”

     Armin's eyes were wide. “You mean, here here?”

     “Yup, you guys are training in what used to be my playground.” I said whilst leaning back in my chair.

     “Wow, so they had Shadis raise you?” he asked putting an elbow on his book.

     “Sort of...if you want to call kicking my ass in training everyday raising me then yeah, he raised me.” I said, recalling how the training happened everyday before she even wanted to join the Military.

     Armin smiled. “Wow, so what do you plan on doing when we graduate, where are you gonna go?” he asked awkwardly, trying to draw the conversation in a more positive direction.

     “I’m joining the scouts, there’s a research branch there and I’d like to be a part of it. Maybe I can help give humanity a chance.”

     Armin nodded at me. “Sounds like we’ll be seeing you on the other side then because that’s what we plan on doing too.” He grinned.

     “Really, why are you guys joining?” I asked.

     “Well, we want to see the world beyond the walls, we read all kinds of things in an old book my grandpa used to have hidden away.” He said, lowering himself and whispering like it was a secret so I lowered myself as well.

     “What kinds of things?” I whispered.

     “We used to read about bodies of water called oceans that are full of salt and beaches of sand! It’s what we hope to see when we travel outside the walls.” He said, getting excited like a small child and I grinned…none of those things sounded realistic but…he seemed dead serious and happy about it. Even if it was just a dream, maybe one day it could be real?

     I smiled. “Hey Armin, you can go ahead and get some rest, we can study another night but thank you and tell Eren I said thank you too.”

     Armin nodded before standing up and putting a hand on my shoulder, making me look up at him. “We've got your back Ok, don't worry about what happened today. You can tell us about it when you're ready.”

    I smiled and looked down to my cooling plate and began eating, I decided to let today fall away for now, I was starving!




     When Armin came back into the room a few of us sat up and looked at him, he had a book under his arm and seemed flustered when we all sat up.

     “Did you all stay up waiting for me?”

     “We wanted to know what happened.” Jean said leaning over the edge of his bed lazily.

     “If you wanted to know so bad why didn't you guys come with me?”

     “Armin,” I spoke up and he looked over at me. “Is she Ok?”

     “Yeah, she appreciates the plate...” he stopped and looked at the floor before sitting on the edge of his bed. “Did you guys know that Shadis practically raised her?”

     “I had a feeling they were related somehow after she called him Uncle Shadis today,” Jean said, lying back in bed with a yawn.

     “But that's just it, they aren't related, it's just a pet name I guess.” Armin added.

     “So then how'd she end up with Shadis?” Connie asked, settling as if listening to a story.

     “Her mom was killed after the wall fell by titans and she was left in the care of some Scouts. They're the ones that left her here with Shadis.”

     “When did her mom die?” Reiner asked, his booming voice no more than a whisper.

     “She said two years after the wall fell.”

     “Wait, then how did the titans kill her mother?” Sasha put in from her place beside the door. “Two years after the wall fell she and her mother would have been behind Wall Rose, so how did the titans get to her mother?” she said.

     That didn't make sense, if the titans killed her mother than they had to have been outside the wall...but how is that possible, no civilians were allowed outside the walls without protection or notification. Certainly news of someone getting out without help and dying would have been all over the place if it had happened that way.

     “She's right...what would her mother have been doing outside the wall at that time? And how would she have gotten out without help?”

     “But why would she lie to me?” Armin questioned, seeming rather hurt by the idea.

     “Maybe there's more to her story...” I offered.

     “She did say it was a long one, maybe she gave me the short version for now?” he offered, hoping that she wouldn't just lie to him.

     “But there's one thing I don't understand;” Connie added sitting up again.

     “What's that?” I asked.

     He motioned for me to come closer and I leaned over the gap between our beds and he leaned over, cupping one hand around his mouth. “How long has Sasha been here?” he whispered pointing over at Sasha who was settled into a bed beside the door.

     We all suddenly felt a pang of intrusion, we changed for bed less than 15 minutes ago! Had she been here and we didn't even see her?

     “SASHA, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?” We started yelling and wound up waking everyone; a perfect start to a new day.

I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 4
Sorry this one took so long, I had a major issue picking a title and then the ones I picked just didn't seem right so I had to change everything and then I hated the title and that went on for a while until I finally got where I wanted.
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4: Here
Chapter 5: Coming Soon
Logic Fleas Ep 1: Beat the Heat by TigerlilliBJW15
Logic Fleas Ep 1: Beat the Heat
No scanner? No problem! I've got a phone :meow:
I invented these guys during exams in high school to help me remember stuff and I just enjoy their company on my papers :meow:

{The Sparring Day Incident…}


                Training went by almost like every other day of my life had gone since the fall of Wall Maria; morning conditioning, lunch break, afternoon conditioning, dinner, sleep, rinse and repeat.

    I didn’t really pool in with anyone whilst everyone else had their little groups; Eren had his friends Mikasa and Armin, Krista, Ymir and Sasha were all in a group with Connie sort of trailing with them, Bertolt and Reiner were always together, Jean and Marco too whereas Annie was the other loner who never spoke to anyone.

    I didn’t really see a problem with me not trying to make friends; I wasn’t necessarily interested in that, I was here to join the Scout Regiment’s research branch; after graduation I’d probably never even see these guys again.

    I sort of got to know people when we began sparring training; hand to hand combat with each other. I decided the last thing I wanted among the group was to be disliked as rude, so I began each sparring session with shaking their hand and saying, “Hi, I’m (f/n).”

    The sparring was pretty slow to begin with, I knew I’d be better skilled in this field what with my upbringing and all but I didn’t think they’d begin following me after a while. I’d drawn a sizeable crowd that followed me to each sparring partner and grew with each victory and the attention was insanely fun, it made me feel special; being the center of attention but I wasn’t benefitting from this in any literal way so I planned to ditch training after another one or two opponents. I moved to commence my wandering but accidentally bumped shoulders with someone. I turned to see who I’d hit and it was Mikasa Ackerman from Eren’s group.

    I envied her beauty, there weren’t very many Japanese girls around and she was gorgeous, a tight, fit body and short, straight black hair with piercing grey almond shaped eyes.

    I myself sported a more rounded face and looked young for my age, my own body was also fit though I never thought much of my chest or butt, I had strong legs like my mother and my fathers (e/c) eyes. My hair on the other hand was long (h/c) and hung all the way down to my knees, tied with a ponytail at the nape of my neck and then my head was covered with a (f/c) bandana and only my bangs stuck out of the front.

    The crowd ‘ooh’d’ at us and then began cheering for Mikasa to ‘end the streak’ and I sighed. When did we reach a day and age where bumping shoulders with someone meant a fight should ensue? I made eye contact with Mikasa and shrugged my shoulders before dropping into a fighting stance with my right leg behind me and my left leg forward, my arms up to guard me. Mikasa nodded and got into her own fighting stance, I was a little excited; she was one of the very talented cadets and she’d gone undefeated all day too so maybe I’d get a real fight out of her?




    I stood next to Armin helping him adjust his hands to guard himself when we heard a loud chanting for Mikasa.

    “Sounds like Mikasa’s in a real fight.” Armin said before I looked over at the group no doubt encasing said fight. I looked over at him and grinned evilly, as kids Mikasa was always very good at fighting and to see her meet a challenge sounded like fun! We ran over to join the group and managed to push our way to the front where Mikasa stood apart from (f/n). The two exchanged blows from time to time but one always parried or blocked the move and they went back to sizing each other up, soon enough Mikasa did what everyone was waiting for and went for a takedown but to everyone’s surprise was met with one instead.

    (f/n) dropped to one knee and caught Mikasa at the waist and lifted her up into the air before body slamming her into the dirt, ending the match and knocking the wind out of Mikasa.

    “Mikasa…!” Armin and I shouted at the same time.



    I felt my cheeks heat up with a vengeance as the crowd fell silent, I had intended to take her down but I didn’t mean to knock the wind out of her! I knelt at her side and checked her as she rasped and tried to sit up.

    “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to throw you so hard!! Are you Ok?” I said feeling very embarrassed, I hadn’t body slammed anyone in who knows how long, I must have forgotten how powerful a move it was!

    I felt a presence over my shoulder and saw Jean Kirstein standing over me like a titan over prey and I felt a little worried. Jean was not just a pretty face but I worried about how he’d react to this, it was no secret that he liked Mikasa and at the moment, it was no secret that he was not happy with me.

    “Hey, what the hell was that?” he said his voice booming over my place on the ground.

    “I just said I didn’t mean to throw her so hard!” I began defensively when behind me I heard Mikasa coughing a little and turned to see Eren and Armin at her side helping her sit up.

    “Are you Ok Mikasa?” Armin asked.

    She nodded and spoke low, her usually cello type voice coming out a little gravelly. “I’m fine,” then she looked at me and they backed away; a look of fear on their faces!

    “Hey Mikasa,” I said awkwardly, hoping I didn’t upset her.

    She reached out a hand to me and I stared for a moment before delicately taking it and shaking.

    “That was a good move,” she said and smirked a little at me.

    I smiled, “Well thanks, I could show it to you sometime if you’d like.”

    “That sounds good,” she said and we stood up and I let go of her hand.

    “Excuse me,” I turned and Jean wasn’t angry anymore, hell he looked a little embarrassed but damned if he’d show it. “Now it’s my turn, I’d like to see you try and flip me!” he said pointing at me.

    “Ok,” I grabbed his wrist and made two circle motions with his arm, forcing him to front flip-lest I break his arm or dislocate his shoulder and he landed directly on his seat, looking startled. I patted his shoulders and turned to a round of applause from the crowd we’d drawn.

    My heart pounded in my chest and my blood raced through my veins with hyped up energy!

    “Alright, now it’s my turn.” I turned to see Eren Jaeger standing before me now, stretching out his left shoulder that had a pattern of dust on it, suggesting that he’d landed on it before.

    I saw his teal eyes; alive with excitement and felt a little stir inside me. He was no doubt more than just a handsome face; he-from what I’d seen of him-was a ball of pent up anger issues! He never took it out on someone who didn’t deserve it and tended more to spit fire than anything else. He did have an insatiable determination to back it up and was never one to disappoint, I felt a little excited too.

    “Just so you know Eren, I’m not gonna play nice like I did with Jean.” I said dropping into my stance one more time and quirking an eyebrow.

    “Fair enough, what do you say we sweeten the deal a little?” He said, smirking at me and I felt a little chill run up my spine.

    “How so…?” I asked him.

    “The winner gets Armin for a study buddy for the next 2 months.” He said followed by a small squeak out of the crowd.

    “I am not a bartering chip Eren!” I cast a look over and saw Armin’s face a little pink.

    “Is it a deal?” Eren asked when I looked back over.

    “You bet it is,” I nodded and Eren ran at me, signaling the beginning of the fight.

    He swung for a punch but I dodged and moved to do the same take down I used on Mikasa but he back flipped up and out of my grasp and even smacked the back of my head in the process. I spun to deliver a kick to the hip that had him stumble a little and I grabbed his arm at the wrist. I tried to do the two circles motion like I’d done to Jean, figuring that putting him on his ass would put him in his place but it backfired. I made the second circle and he front flipped but landed on his feet and turned to sweep my legs out from under me. I tensed to jump when suddenly everything slowed down around me…the world seemed semi-frozen and the roaring of the crowd turned into screaming!

    My legs were swept from under me and I yanked my arm from Eren’s hand and bent my back so that my hands hit the ground and I coiled my body down and then shot my legs up, pulling the rest of me with them and landed on my feet.

    I blinked once and we weren’t in the camp anymore, I was 10 and standing in Shiganshina with my mother as the Colossal Titan kicked a hole through the gate in our wall! My mother looked like a battle ready goddess on that day I’d never forget; long (h/c) curly hair that hung almost to the ground, her white apron tied tight around her slim waist tightening her lifeless orange dress to hug her hips. Her bright green eyes sparkled in the light of the afternoon; such beauty on such a horrible day!

    She grabbed my arm and ran inside; she grabbed a tie for her hair and ordered me to do the same, cover our hair; saying that the fruity smell of it would draw the titans to us. Once my hair was tied back she threw a (f/c) scarf over my hair and hid it away with only my bangs sticking out of the front then she did the same to her own hair with a blue scarf. She grabbed a dark green dress from the wardrobe and rushed into my room and grabbed my deep red colored dress and stuffed them into a small satchel that she hung on her hip then picked me up and stood by the front door.

    “We need to be quiet now darling, don’t make any sounds, no matter what happens you must be quiet and still.” She ordered calmly and I sighed and squeezed her, the feeling seeming to help me remain quiet.

    She inhaled and held it when a titan’s large foot slammed down outside the door; seeming to make the whole world shake to its core! Then she released the breath and opened the door, she walked out and turned in the direction the titans came from, she just kept walking calmly, titans passed us by, not looking at us. We saw one with a big ugly smile on its face, a sinister looking beast and it passed us seeming to run towards a horrible sound…something terrible that sounded like ‘Please live! Stay alive!’ and I shivered at the sound. We then heard someone scream ‘NOOO!!!’ and I squeezed my mother as a loud crunching and squelching noise filled the air, blood rained down on us and I squeezed tighter. It rained on us this warm unmistakable stinking rain of blood! A heavy iron smell filled the air and I shook as we were coated in it, splashing little freckles of blood on our cheeks. My mother just kept right on walking.

    I blinked again and saw myself standing in a small room with all the furniture in pieces beside a pathetic excuse for a fire, if it were any bigger than mother and I would be found. Mother lunged at me with a knife and I parried it to the side and threw her on her back and she smiled up at me.

    “Good, now let’s try if someone tries to come at you from behind.”

    I shivered as my body suddenly fell into step, parry, spin kick, punch, and take down-

    I blinked once more and I was outside…1 year later and my mother was on a roof close by, calling to a nearby titan, drawing it near. She then yelled down to me, “Now (f/n)!”

    I rushed from my hiding place and pulled out my makeshift dagger, I leapt in the air and sliced deep into the heel of the 3 meter titan, cutting the tendon and forcing it to fall. I then ran the length of its body and jumped to crawl onto its back. I ran to its head and cut the nape of its neck-

    -I then heard a yell, “Ouch!” and I blinked and found myself in the middle of a frightened group of people…Shiganshina was gone, my mother was gone and Eren-looking very startled at me- stood across from me holding the back of his neck…and a blunt baton in my hand.

    I’d had to give up my dagger a long time ago but having nothing felt ridiculously unsafe, so I’d settled for a substitute. I stared ahead of me and began panting, not realizing I’d been holding my breath that whole time and suddenly-I fell apart.

    I dropped to my knees and the baton hit the dirt and I felt tears pouring down my cheeks yet I did not sob. I stared ahead of me and looked at Eren…and asked him without thinking about where I was or who was around. “What did your mother say to you before she died?”

    His eyes widened and the group slowly began to disperse, feeling things had gotten a little too serious for their taste. His mouth was open as if he was going to say something but a bell rang, signaling the end of training and to return to formation. The group ran away but Eren and his friends stayed behind.

    “Why does that matter?” he asked me.

    “Did she tell you to stay alive?” I asked and he and Mikasa stiffened. “Did she beg you to live?”

    “Eren, we don’t have to listen to this-“Mikasa began, taking a defensive step forward.

    “No I wanna hear her,” he stared at me, seeming almost angry. Then he stepped from the group and walked over to stand before me. “Why are you asking me that?” His voice was low…a whisper of silent rage and pain, it made my heart sink in my chest but I couldn’t stop my mouth.

    I shivered as I remembered everything…about that awful day! “I think I remembered something about the day the wall fell…” he stared at me with fascination and as I spoke the others that remained walked over to listen. “I think…I used to live…near you…we left the house…just as a woman screamed for someone to live, for someone to stay alive.”




    I suddenly grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAID TO US?” I yelled into her face and she kept on crying while staring blankly at me. Her (e/c) eyes were wide and the pupils were shrunken, almost pinpoint sized as if she wasn’t looking at me…as if she was somewhere else entirely.

    Armin and Mikasa were at my side, trying to make me let go and suddenly the look left her eyes. She wasn’t staring at something anymore, she looked at me and the look I saw made my heart pinch inside; horror. Her eyes were alive again, those (e/c) pools searching my face for an explanation as to why I was holding her so tightly, maybe an answer as to why I was so angry!

    She suddenly screamed and pushed her small hands into my chest, ripping herself out of my grip, involuntarily ripping her shirt at the shoulders and I finally relaxed a little; realizing what I’d done. “I…I’m sorry.” I said slowly staring at her as she shook now lying on her back with an arm up, as if I’d attack at any moment. Her small frame was shaking violently and she had tears in her eyes and what’s worse; her shirt was now torn on both shoulders and the right shoulder revealed a black strap from her undergarment.

    “No…” she panted heavily and looked down at my feet. “No, I’m sorry!” She then turned tail and ran away from the area; she was gone so quickly that I don’t think we could have caught her had we gone after her.

    I looked at Mikasa and Armin then back at her fleeing figure…she was so far away now.

I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch. 3
This took 3 days none stop because I couldn't find a good stopping point until now :meow:
 Worth it! Quality is better than Quantity!

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3: Here
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5: Coming Soon
I'm in my third year at high school and this boy keeps teasing me because I had a crush on Naruto Uzumaki in Elementary school. When I was a kid people didn't think it was normal so I got teased, ridiculed, shunned and just plain tortured for it. (Elementary school sucked.) In middle someone ate a worm on a dare and everyone completely forgot-or stopped caring.
I was really fragile that day because I was switching out of a class where my favorite teacher (of three years) was and I didn't want to switch; there's a bond their.
I was already upset and then I walk by and hear him teasing me about it. I didn't handle it very well and told him "F*** you!" and ran away then went home crying.
The next day, I expected everything to go back to the way it was before...the teasing, the torture, the pain from being hated for no reason but no one did a thing. No one knew and what was better is that no one really cared.
Our anime club has girls who fawn over Sasuke Uchiha, Pein and characters from all sorts of other anime. I don't just like Naruto; Ichigo, Inuyasha and Koga are all hot-though Naruto's got a special place in my heart still- I'm no ashamed anymore. I'm happy and it's normal now, I'm overjoyed about it.
Though he threw things at my head today-this boy-I hardly know him. We have one class together and we don't even sit together. Not only do I not know how it came up but I don't know why he cares so much?
He threw three coins at my head today and one hit me. I just picked it up and walked to the room he went to hide in and returned it with a big smile on my face. Then I whispered, "Please don't throw that at me again." and left. I smiled and giggled throughout my day, I'm a little more like the characters I idolize. One little comment didn't faze me and it didn't break me.

I'm proud of my strength and I'm also proud of my feelings. (I do still have a crush on Naruto but who cares anymore, I'm happy about it.)
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I'm a 20 year old woman from Oregon, I write Fanfiction, draw from time to time and I have a youtube channel under the name ObakeKai (Ghost Fire) and I make gaming videos for fun. I intend to some day make trailers for my fanfictions and even little video tidbits, tell stories and make movies about the stories I write.

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