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Draw this again meme by ilolamai

I think this picture is just lovely, the background is very well detailed, I love the laptop, the key's and the that DA I s...

Gemuine Prank by Toxic-Mario

I really like your work, this is lovely and it's really funny. You drew this then made the image on photoshop? That is really impressiv...


{After Maria Fell...}

An overcast sky loomed over the fallen town of Shiganshina, it had been two years since the fall of the Wall Maria and a returning scout regiment rushed through on horseback. The group fronted by Erwin Smith with Levi Ackerman and their whole group close behind. As they ride, hoping to avoid as many titans as possible, behind them a door in a wrecked building opens and a woman rushes out, holding her twelve year old daughter in her arms.

    “Wait please wait, don’t leave us again!” she calls out as her child raises her voice and points behind them.

    “Mom, look!” she calls out as a 3 meter titan gives chase to the mother and child.

    Petra pulls away from the group followed by Oluo who leaps off his horse and vanishes without a sound while Petra slows her horse to meet the mothers pace.

    She rides alongside them and the mother hands up her child to Petra who seats the girl in front of her, instructing her to hold on tight while Oluo sneaks up on the titan and slices the back of its neck, causing it to die and fall into a building. Dust and debris scatter about but merely coat Petra and the mother and child in a thin layer of grey dust.

    Petra is then able to slow more and help the mother up onto her horse to sit behind her. She and Oluo rejoin the group as they near Wall Rose when a loud rumbling picks up behind them and they look to see a 10 meter titan approaching them quickly. Suddenly, they find themselves overwhelmed with titans as two more 10 meters and a seven meter abnormal begin closing in on the group from three sides, giving them one direction to go which was toward the wall but with the titans gaining on them, they weren’t going in that direction fast enough.

    “Listen up,” Levi’s voice rises about the noise calling everyone to attention. “Things are getting drastic, prepare to engage!”

    “Wait!” the woman shouts from behind Petra and casts one long look at her child. “Don’t slow down, keep running to the wall, please.” She looks to Petra. “Please, watch out for my daughter.” She then pushes off of the horse and stumbles to a stop behind them.

    Petra looks back in terror when Levi yells at her. “Don’t even think about slowing down again Petra, we have orders now!”

    “But Captain Levi, we can’t just leave her here!” she replies but is answered by Erwin.

    “Listen Petra, loving parents never want to see their children perish before them. She’s asked you to watch over her and if we engage to go back for her, you can’t do that can you?”

    Petra falls silent as a loud shrieking is heard from behind them, calling out to the titans.

    “YOU MONSTERS WANT SOME MEAT, HERE I AM! COME AND GET ME!!!” she screamed as she ran down the street in the opposite direction. The titans lost interest in the group and began to walk towards the sound of her screams as they echoed off the walls of the buildings around them.

    The group got to the gate without trouble and once to safety the girl jumped down off of Petra’s horse and tried to run back outside just as they lowered the gate down again but Levi grabbed her first and held her by her arms as she struggled.

    “Please, we gotta go back and get my mom! I’m safe now, but we gotta go get her!” her shrill voice made them bow their heads as the shrieking was cut off by a loud groan and then silence followed, signaling that the mother had met her end.

    She stopped struggling as the screaming went quiet and she began sobbing helplessly, now clinging to Levi who held the child and rubbed her back and tried to calm her down, a sense of dread filled the area as the titans groaned and roared outside the gate and almost drowned out the sounds of a now orphaned child’s cry.

    Soon the scout regiment began their trek into Wall Rose and passed a group of survivors from the fall of Wall Maria where people saw something, no one expected to see; Levi still had the girl clinging to him as he rode at the front of the group beside Erwin. People wondered if he’d had a child or sibling but no one was more intrigued than three on looking children amid the survivors of Shiganshina.



    Later at the headquarters Petra waited beside the office where Levi paced, holding the girl still, now in a clean button up with his jacket resting on the back of a chair. Erwin walked over and Petra stood to meet him.

    “Is she still here?”

    “Yes sir, she hasn’t let go of Levi since Wall Rose and refuses to let go, she even threw a fit when a nurse offered to take her so he could change. I don’t know if he’s tolerating her or just too frustrated to say anything. Frankly,” she grinned. “It’s kind of cute to see him holding a little kid, like a father or a big brother of sorts.”

    “Any word on what became of the mother?” his deep voice broke through the comfortable quiet and Petra’s smile faded.

    “Unfortunately yes, the sentries saw a titan pick her up and eat her…right around the time the screaming stopped.”

    Erwin looked into the room where Levi had sat down on a bench and now rocked back and forth hoping to put the child to sleep. “It’s incredible, the mother ensured not only the child’s safety but ours as well. Distracting that many titans for the sake of her child…is something I don’t think I’ve seen any other parent do for their child.”

    “The lengths that mothers go to for their children, is something natural, no mother wants to see their child’s life end before their own.” Petra said when they heard a small whining noise and saw Levi set the girl-now sleeping-on the couch and he covered her with his jacket before stepping out and closing the door behind him.

    “She’s finally asleep,” he said rubbing his neck as he stepped into place beside Erwin.

    “You were great with her Levi, she really likes you.” Petra’s sly little smile returned and Levi glared at her.

    “Don’t go getting any ideas Petra, we can’t keep her.”

    “He’s right Petra,” she looked at Erwin, her smile again gone. “This is a child not a lost animal, she can’t stay with us and no one in this regiment has the time to raise a child.”

    Petra’s eyes widened in fear, “So what, are we just going to let her loose in the streets and wish her luck? We’re going to find a place for her right?” her voice raised above the low whisper they’d taken on around the girl.

    “I’m not sure we can Petra, the orphanages are brimming with children orphaned by the fall of Wall Maria and we can’t go door to door asking if people would like to adopt her.” Levi said lowly. “We might just have to leave her someplace,”

    “That’s heartless; you can’t tell me you don’t feel a sense of responsibility for that girl! I can’t even begin to imagine what she must have been through!” Petra shouted.

    “That’s true, I mean, where did they come from?”

    “Shiganshina,” a little voice peeped and they turned to see her standing at the door with Levi’s jacket wrapped around her shoulders.

    “You’re from Shiganshina?” Erwin asked.

    “Mom and I hid inside a big stack of hay when the titans came; she said they wouldn’t be able to smell us. Once they’d passed us we lived in a broken house…” she looked up at Levi. “Is mom dead?”

    Erwin and Petra stiffened but Levi knelt down to eye level and nodded putting a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry; she died to save your life.”

    “I understand,” she said, trying not to cry. “Can I stay here with you please?” she said and Petra had to look away.

    Levi’s jaw clenched. “I can’t-“

    “She could stay with Shadis, over where the cadet’s train, they’ve always got a few spare beds when someone quits?” Erwin offered. “She’d be close by and safe, we could keep an eye on her couldn’t we Petra?”

    Petra’s face suddenly lit up, “Yes we could!”

    “Are you seriously considering letting a little girl live with cadets, those brats aren’t going to take to her lightly.” Levi argued.

    “True but she’d be with Shadis, and no one is saying she’s gonna join the military Levi, it’s just a place for her to stay and Petra won’t be giving us evil eyes for the next month.”

    There was a silence when Levi sighed in defeat and Petra squealed in excitement. “So we can keep her! This is wonderful!” she picked up the girl and spun her around. “You get to stick close to us little girl, oh wait.” she suddenly lowered her back to the ground and crouched to her level and smiled. “I just realized we never got your name?”

    The little girl moved a strand of (h/c) out of her face and smiled a small, comfortable smile. “(f/n), my name is (f/n).”

I Hate That I Love You (Eren X Reader) Ch.1
YEEEEEE My very first someone x reader! I'm so excited, I think you guys are gonna love this one!
Short and introductory yes but I promise it'll be a wild ride.
[Summary] The fall of Wall Maria was something no one thought would ever happen. Two years after that very day, a returning Scout group encounters a mother and child who somehow survived living in Titan Conquered Territory.
Chapter 1: Here
Chapter 2: Coming Soon

Mature Content

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~Pewdie's POV~

Tick, tock, tick, tock...I really want to smash my clock right now!

I woke up over thirty minutes ago but I haven't been able to move since. I've been staring at my clock; it just keeps ticking; going on with its life-which will be shortened if I can't get myself to fucking move!

I forced myself to turn away from it and I faced my window. It was early in the morning, just the right time when the sun hasn't met the horizon of buildings and the sky is still a little dark. It's a dim blue but still makes the bare branches of the trees stand out black against its weak light. I can't see any clouds or even where the sun is rising from but the sky is lit and I wished it wasn't. I wanted to go back to sleep and drift away again...why can't it still be night?

I've barely moved since I got home a week ago; I closed my eyes and remembered it.

After my sudden return home I realized how hungry I was; my hands shook and it felt funny to walk. What had felt like a few nights to us had been actually been two weeks. I also notice that Maya had been fed and watered while I'd been gone and my house had been cleaned. My neighbors were really nice, maybe they stopped by and took care of Maya but I knew better instantly when I saw a rather decorative pink letter on my kitchen table. I braced myself against the wall because I knew Marzia had definitely been here and I couldn't imagine how angry she must've been walking in here. I wasn't here for Maya and I hadn't given her notice at all; this won't be easy. I picked up the note and chewed my lower lip while I read it.

"I took care of Maya while you were gone. Call me when you get back." -Marzia.

Sad part about letters is that you can't tell if someone is angry with you or not. So I slightly dreaded calling her...tomorrow. It was really dark when I arrived home so I fed myself, took a shower and went straight to bed.

I opened my eyes and looked at my window again. I knew the sky would stay this color for a while and my sheets began to feel scratchy and rough against my skin. I sat up with a frustrated huff of air and took in the sanctity of my room. Faded orange walls with white trim around the door and window with my dresser and desk nearby. I ran my fingers through my sandy hair; it felt heavy and was stuck to my head in spots. I didn't feel very clean and decided a hot shower might make me living again...if only just a little. The hot water definitely woke me up but then as my skin got used to its heat; I welcomed it and started thinking about everything that had happened and boy had a lot happened.

A girl created a custom map on Amnesia then used some sort of occultist spell to make it into a real place. She then hacked mine and Ryan's computers and opened the custom map; like we were going to play. We read the objective together when we both got zapped and we woke up in Brennenberg castle. The objects in the game that I'd given names and personalities to had also been made real from Stephano and Mr. Chair to the Farting Potatoes and Fapping Spiders. Evil Stephano had been one of the few things personified too but I'd rather not talk about that. The Barrels had been personified too and their leader (Who surprisingly enough was a woman); Brooke captured Ryan, tortured him then left him in the dungeon with a Bro roaming around. When I'd helped Ryan escape we ran right into her in a big foyer and she challenged me to a fight for our freedom and Ryan's life. In the end I'd managed to win the fight but I'd hardly call it victory. With her last breath of life she threw the pipe she'd fought with and it had gone right through his chest...taking the shot that was aimed at me. I had to leave him behind because I'd completed my objective but Ryan still had to face his 'demons'.

I hadn't let it leave my mind since I got home; I'd finally come to the conclusion that there were no demons in Amnesia. Real demons...not a single one came to mind at all, at least nothing we hadn't already dealt with. I mean we dealt with everything! The Bro's, barrels, knights-or so I was told-and the Fapping Spiders too; nothing had really been missed.

My eyes snapped open as ice began to stab my back and sent a violent shiver down my spine; I closed my eyes again and calmly tilted my head back. The water was chilling and I felt my body tense up as it ran over my skin. I shuddered at the sensation of goose bumps rising on my body when I felt a slight weight against my chest. I opened my eyes, looked down and Ryan was right in front of me...pressed lightly against the wall; between it and me with one hand on my bare chest. His mask-and clothes-were gone but I still couldn't see his face completely it was all blurry. He smirked and whispered something to me but I knew I didn't want to hear it so I blinked and I was alone in the shower. I couldn't deal with the torture my mind could play on my tormented emotions I am really gloomy.

I think I've been in there long enough it probably isn't safe to be alone with my thoughts at this point. I shut it off and got out, found my clothes and got dressed. I left the bathroom and stopped by my window to see that the sky's hue had yet to change so I grabbed my black coat and called to Maya who came running into the room. She looked up at me while I attached her leash to her collar and headed out the door with her following close.

I felt the wind make the still wet hair on my head freezing cold and instantly regretted this but I just had to get out of my house for a little while. I looked around me and the streets were deserted; complete silence. No cars, people or even a train...just quiet. The birds hadn't even woken up yet and it was just...nice. Peaceful even, everything was peacefully and blissfully asleep, no noise or anything. I walked with Maya down to the park and sat on a bench. She hopped up onto the bench and nestled on my lap. She was a warm little bundle on my lap and I sighed exhaustedly. My whole body was pretty warm except for my hair and I was aware of the cold air clinging to my clothes; digging to get to the rest of me. The wind had chilled my wet hair enough to where I honestly thought it was dry.

My face was pale from the cold when I felt warm fingers lace in the hair on the back off my head and lightly tug my head back. I looked at who it was and it was once again the unmasked but ever blurry Ryan that my mind had conjured up out of pure loneliness and worry. I blinked and decided to relish in this hallucination for just a moment. The very thought of seeing him made my face grow hot and I let out a puff of white warm air. He leaned down and I waited for him to kiss me but I blinked again and he was gone. I stared at the sky for a moment longer before looking forward again and blankly started petting Maya.

I tried to get my mind off Ryan again. I couldn't let myself slip into another one of those...whatever they were, it wasn't safe or healthy for me so I focused on the sky again; it seemed to work before. The sky was still slightly dim, making the buildings further off stand out black. The air was cold, fresh; no car fumes or the smell of food. It just smelled like air, clean and it felt good to breathe in. A gentle breeze ruffled my hair and I felt a craving for someone to sit beside slip back into that hallucination in the shower but I forced myself not to depend on it. I had to distract myself some other way...any other way I could but I didn't know what to do when I heard a door close a few yards from me and focused on that for a moment. I looked around and saw one really old woman stepping outside and walk in the opposite direction to begin her day and I knew that my quiet time was about up so I picked up Maya and I carried her home.

As I walked I mulled over what I could do to distract myself from Ryan. Video games were out, too much of a connection and a bit of irony. I didn't want anything to do with my computer much at all. I could watch movies or read...good God I'm getting desperate.

When I got home I set Maya down and she went charging/speed waddling into the next room and I hung my jacket up in the closet. I shut the door then sighed and pressed my forehead against it. I lingered there for a moment and let out a few more heavy breaths; trying to relax my troubled mind. Once I did that-to the point where I almost got light headed-I turned away from it but I was met with an unmasked Ryan standing before me, in my living room. Once again I couldn't see his face but he came over to me and held up one finger to his lips and he made a soft shh-ing sound. That sound alone was so beckoning, there was so much hidden behind it and I was desperate to know what it was. I closed my eyes; ready for it to disappear when I opened them again when I felt an actual hand on my chest this time. It wasn't just pressure, it was a warm hand.

My eyes popped open and he was so blurry to me; but I could feel him here. I felt fear and pain well up within me as my mind worked to free me from this horrible torture.

Calm down Felix, your head is playing games with you. It's nothing to be scared of, but I need to break this soon or I think I will go nuts. But I'm feeling him here with me now so I have to do something! Get away, I have to get away from him! Why is this on me so much when he was never actually here to begin with?

It struck me hard and I felt it too; physically. I felt a heavy stab in my heart, no pain just unbearable sorrow and unexpressed agony started welling up in me. I felt my whole body grow hot and slowly hotter as the seconds passed. I looked this illusion Ryan in the eyes that became clear for less than a minute.

The first thing I knew about Ryan's face was his lips; soft but so powerful. The second thing I know now are his eyes; they were a clear bright green with light gold near the center of his pupil. They were clear for me and I suddenly felt even worse. I kept falling down inside but I had to face this if I wanted it to stop; not sure why I thought it would work but I guess I was already crazy enough to try.

"I never told you that I loved you before I left the castle. I knew it right after you kissed me but...I never said it. Screw me for wanting to be fucking sure; I was already sure but it took too long for me to accept it and say it. Now I can't." I said to the fake Ryan who's smile faded to a heartfelt smirk; full of sympathy.

I inhaled sharply as the heat in my body suddenly rose to a serious fire; I thought I was going to explode inside. He whispered to me but I couldn't hear it as the fire got worse inside me. He stepped closer and repeated it to me and I finally heard and my whole body ached as the fire grew more. "Felix, you're going to kill yourself this way. Please stop worrying about me; I want you to relax."

I tried to talk again but my body just kept getting hotter and it seemed like my body was getting heavier too. "Ryan, I'm-"I was pushed back into the door and pinned there by my shoulders.

He pushed my chin up and bit my exposed neck hungrily and I felt his teeth on my skin; sending a ripple through my body...everything in my mind started rushing at me. He bit another spot a little harder and pressed his body flush against me.

I saw what I and Ryan finally together and in my room. He was primal and passionate to me and I was desperate for him to be close.

I saw what I'd already had...the two of us in that room at Brennenberg, him kissing me fervently; so happy to have his feelings out there and being with me...unaware at how right it had felt. His body against me, his voice a heavy pant and his skin hot.

I opened my eyes and I was back in my house again and Ryan whispered against my neck an 'I love you' that left a feverish ghost on my throat. That was it, the hallucinations, the exhaustion; the lack of eating.

I blinked and I was alone in my house...I felt no bite marks on my neck, but the inferno in my body got worse to the point to where I just couldn't stand and then...I dropped. Right there, I hit my knees then the floor then the rest of me hit and I just laid there for a moment. I curled up into a tight ball and felt hot tears sting my still cold skin. I roughly ran my fingers through my hair and let out a painful yelp and sobbed helplessly in my place on the floor. I didn't know what to do at this point; I'd had hallucinations, I wasn't taking good care of myself-eating, sleeping etc.- I felt cold and really upset...I didn't feel like myself. I felt like a shattered version of me had come back and the Felix I knew before was gone; long gone and I feared that I would never be the same again.

Like I said, I am gloomy.

~Stephano's POV~

There was nothing but chaos all around me as Piggeh continued to pull on Jennifer's hair bow. It would fall out, ruin her braid and she would turn to hit him but just miss every time. Now she was chasing him to retrieve her bow while Mr. Chair was examining Ryan's mangled torso.

The man lay on the bed barely breathing and asleep but alive. Everything had gone downhill since Pewdie went home; we lost Laura somewhere in the castle and we prayed she wasn't hurt, Piggeh wouldn't leave Jennifer alone now and Ryan had been attacked several times.

The bed he was on was stained with blood; it was squishy with it. I will never understand humans because this one here lost so much blood; he shouldn't be alive at this point. We ran out of Laudanum and Sanity Potion a while ago. The Bro's were tainted by the Barrels abuse and were merciless in their attacks. There was no real doctor and the closest thing we had was Mr. Chair and a few books.

Not more than a few minutes after Pewdie left did the Bro's attack Jennifer then came after us. We barely made it out alive but we didn't get by without paying for it. Piggeh's had to re-spawn twice; Jennifer 3 times, Mr. Chair only once and I can't re-spawn because those damn Barrels destroyed all the statues of me in the castle. I owed Ryan that extra mile I'd gone for the group because without him...they'd be without me here.

While it remains unspoken, I am the leader of the group when Felix isn't here and they look to me and depend on my leadership when we're in trouble. I didn't do very well as leader not more than a few hours ago.

We'd been followed by a group of at least 17 Bro's and the Fapping Spiders weren't far behind either so we had to find a safe place to hide. While Jennifer re-spawned elsewhere, Mr. Chair and I tried our best to defend Ryan in his immobile state. Piggeh even stepped up and fought alongside us; he's not much for violence but he can fight when he's needed. Mr. Chair made a noble choice and took over the majority of the fighting so I could get Ryan to safety then come back and help. I got him a little ways down the hall when I tripped over the carcass of a spider and we fell. I sat up just as the one Bro that had slipped by them came at me. I could look at this monster all I wanted as the regular effects it has on Ryan and Felix's minds didn't affect me. It managed to knock the sword out of my hand and I was sure that I was about to die and I mean really die. I've never died before, ever so I didn't know what to expect but when I expected the claws to hit me they didn't but I did hear the noise they were supposed to make when they crunched bones and slashed flesh like butter.

I looked up and saw the man standing up and the Bro's claws dug into his chest, also with the very spider leg that had tripped me he'd used as a weapon and stabbed it into the Bro. It fell away and ripped its claws out of his chest. He fell to his knees and I screamed in horror then made him look at me and I yelled at him. I asked him why he would do this in his condition; he could have made it out had it stayed focused on me but he couldn't speak, he only smiled and closed his eyes.

We'd managed to keep him alive with what little resources we had but still he was fighting hard to live. His ribs were broken and stabbing into internal organs and through skin, his flesh was torn and blood was everywhere... we'd patched him up to the best of our abilities.

While it had been at our disposal we'd managed to perform a half-assed surgery on Ryan to force his ribs back into the right places and that sadly is where not only our Sanity Potion supply for the pain ran out but we ran down to our last bottle of Laudanum which we used to repair a small fracture and the tears in his organs, that didn't make up for the blood loss or the still open wounds in his flesh.

I had to say his will to live was to be admired; after all of this; all the pain and beatings he still had the power to crawl across the floor quickly, grab the spider leg and save my life. I owed him a few of those broken ribs as he'd earned them saving me and then some.

A shrill voice broke me from my thoughts. "Damn it Piggeh, give it back!" Jennifer shrieked and that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT THE FUCK UP?" I shouted and the two fell silent at once.

He returned the bow and she went back to braiding it. I huffed angrily then turned to Mr. Chair who was tightly tying a belt around Ryan's Femoral artery. "Is that necessary?"

"I'm afraid it is, if we're going to keep him alive I have to cut some of the circulation off from his limbs to keep his organs running and keep him alive. The Human body's natural defense is to lose limbs in order to keep the organs and brain alive."

"Well we have to do something soon. We can't send him home in pieces; we can't do that to Felix. Especially after everything he's done for us; we owe him that much and more."

Mr. Chair gave me a look then searched through the book at his side while grumbling. "Don't you think I know that." He put his finger on a line and started reading then looked up at me. "There's supposed to be a sort of elixir we can make to replace his blood. It's going to take a few ingredients to fix it up but it'll be worth it."

"What do you mean replace his blood? Can that work for him?" I asked.

"Don't forget Stephano he's in our world now; if the books say it'll work, it will work." He assured me then continued. "And if we don't do something soon we're going to have to cut something off. And if we don't then we'll lose him, do you want to send him home dead?"

I knew what had to be done and I stood up. "What do we need?"

"Ironically the list of ingredients is located in the next edition of this book, over there." He pointed at a big leather bound book with a green ribbon tied around it. I went over and got it but when I opened it to the page we needed for the ingredients the page had been torn out. I silently cursed everything and then a banging began on the door.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked exhaustedly.

"Stephano we have to get him out of here. We are in no condition to protect him and he'll never survive another injury." Mr. Chair warned.

I panicked and didn't have time to react when the door cracked then split apart. I unsheathed my sword but the Bro just fell to the floor before me. In its back was a deeply driven scalpel and the doer was right outside. Laura walked in and she looked a mess. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were torn and blood stained and she looked cut up to high hell. She held out a jar full of dark purple liquid and panted out. "I got something to help the sad guy." She collapsed to her knees but held the fragile jar close to her stomach to protect it. I took the jar while Piggeh helped her over to a chair. Jennifer meanwhile moved the wardrobe in front of the doorway to block it.

"Laura where have you been, what happened?" I asked.

She caught her breath then looked up at me. "When we were in the library and you guys were gathering medical books for Mr. Chair, I grabbed one for the pile and started leafing through it. I stopped on a page that was a list of ingredients for a blood filler thing and with all the blood he'd lost I assumed it'd be something we could use later. I snuck off and started gathering the ingredients to put it together."

I handed the jar to Mr. Chair who looked overjoyed then I turned to Laura. "Good job Laura, you just saved us a hell of a lot of work and time."

Laura smiled happily when I heard Piggeh giggle. "And another chapter we'd have to torture readers with." Piggeh giggled.

"What?" I didn't quite understand but he fell silent and started poking at a hole in the floor.

I ignored him and turned to Mr. Chair who didn't look satisfied yet. "I don't have a syringe for this; one of the things that wasn't on the list was a syringe to apply the liquid to his blood stream."

Jennifer stood up. "Hang on let me see if I have one in my pouch." She dug through a small black bag with white frills attached to her hip while Laura dabbed at her injuries with a rag.

"What's it supposed to do for the sad guy?" she asked.

"His name is Cry, Laura and it's a blood replacement. The ingredients were mostly herbs and medicinal things to do the healing we need it to do. Once it's in the blood stream it will go through a sort of metamorphosis that will turn it into blood and it will help him heal and he'll have a chance at living without us having to cut anything off." I explained but Laura looked wide eyed and confused.

She didn't give away any further question; just smiled at me then everyone turned to look at Jennifer. "Eureka." She peeped out.

She pulled out a clean syringe and handed it to Mr. Chair. He started filling the syringe when Piggeh fell over a stool that had Ryan's clothes on it. His mask however was still on his face; three deep scratches along the right cheek of it and a nasty crack along the forehead but still intact.

I heard what sounded like plastic hitting the ground when Piggeh giggled and said there was something funny on the floor. He held it up and it looked like something Human's use often but I forgot what it was called.

"Is that a cellphone?" Jennifer asked; answering my question.

"That's what it's called, how'd you know?" I asked her.

"How do you not know?" She came over and took it from Piggeh and examined it then furrowed her brow. "Problem is that I don't know how you're supposed to use the damn thing."

I thought about what they were used for and remembered that their primary use is to contact people that are far them. I thought about that use and I had a plan. "Guys, I have an idea."

~Pewdie's POV~

I was startled back to reality from my painful stupor when the phone rang. I tried to calm myself down, starting simply by getting up off the floor. I passed a mirror on my way to the phone and caught glimpse of myself in the hall mirror. I was a wreck; my hair was fucked up, my clothes were wrinkled, I had tear stains on my face, I looked a little skinny and I had dark circles around my eyes. I slapped myself really hard and glared at the mirror. I really need to get a fricken grip; I was just on my floor, throwing a tantrum like an angry little kid. On top of that I've been dealing with a tortuous hallucination that haunts my house in the form of the man I love and to make it worse, I felt him touching me just a few minutes ago so I don't really know how I fell this far but it stops here and now.

Now maybe I should answer that phone...

I picked it up and an automated woman's voice said the call was long distance and to hold while I was connected. As I waited through the boring ass elevator music that computerized voice left me to, I stepped into my living room again and flopped down on my couch; startling Maya who'd been sleeping there...I also sorta thought she was a throw pillow for a second.

I moved the phone away from my face for a moment and pet the startled pug that calmed down instantly when I touched her. "Sorry Maya, I didn't see you."

The next thing I knew I heard a jumble of voices shouting through the phone and I thought I'd been connected to a different song but when I didn't hear any music I shouted to make them stop. "Hello...!"

The jumble of voices quieted to a few in particular and I just listened; waiting for someone to acknowledge me.

"Ok, so which end do I talk into?" a man's voice spoke to someone but it wasn't me.

"I think the one with all the numbers above it." Another guy but his voice wasn't as deep.

"Do you even know if you're holding it right?" A woman this time and she's got an attitude.

"Well if it's not working than let's just shut it off and try again later." A man's voice with a thick French accent and by instinct I said. "Stephano...?"

There was a moment of silence as the voice I'd picked out called my name and my heart fluttered at the familiar sound of it.

"Felix? Oh my God, it's you!" He shouted into the phone and he shouted to someone and once again, it wasn't me. "Guys, it worked!" Which was abruptly followed by several cheers in the back and I smiled at my phone.

"How are you guys calling me? Not that I'm not happy but this is amazing, I thought you guys couldn't do this, I thought..." I paused. "I thought I'd never hear your voices again."

"Jennifer found a cellphone in Ryan's pocket and we figured out how to use it and call you." Stephano explained to me.

At the mention of his name I immediately felt my body go ridged and I sat up a little. "Is Ryan there? Can I talk to him?" I asked frantically.

"How are you Pewdie, how are things there?" Jennifer picked up I guess which evaded my request to talk to Ryan.

"Fine, no one's noticed us missing for over two weeks. Can I talk to Ryan please?" I asked a little more firm this time.

Stephano took the phone back. "We almost gave up on the cellphone when Piggeh called some group of people that were asking if we wanted sexual favors. I had to take the phone away from him."

"It was an accident, I swear!" Piggeh shouted in the back ground and I think I lost my temper for a second.

"CAN I TALK TO RYAN OR NOT?" I shouted and instantly felt sick that I'd yelled at them. "I'm sorry guys; can I please talk to Ryan?"

There was silence on the other end and I worried if the call had been dropped but no, Stephano spoke into the phone. "I think maybe that's something we should discuss-"he was interrupted by a familiar voice that made my heart skip a beat.

"Is that Felix?" an exhausted voice ground out in the background and I stood up off the couch as I called to him. "RYAN!" I shouted into the phone.

I heard the phone get hit a few times like someone was fighting over it then I heard him and I sighed. "Pewdie, I'm so happy to hear you're Ok." His voice was tired but his excitement was genuine.

"How are you?" I asked; trying not to sound frantic or overly relieved.

"I'm fine, how are things back home?" he asked.

"No one knows about what happened to us yet...but it's been two weeks." I cringed a little as I said this.

"TWO WEEKS! Oh my family must be getting worried by now. What am I gonna do?" he sounded worried beyond belief but I'm no idiot; I knew how to handle it.

"I can call your family and tell them that you came here for a visit. It's not like they'll check to see if I'm lying." I explained realizing how easy it really would be for me to get away with this lie.

"If you could do that for me that'd be great! I need someone to watch my dog too." He made a sound of aching and I tensed up a little.

"Are you Ok?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah, just sore; they just got through helping me and I'm just a little tender all over." He didn't sound completely convincing to me. Something else was happening but he wasn't saying it to me.

"Ryan, please don't lie to me. Is there something wrong, something you don't want to tell me?" I asked, I didn't want to push him but I needed to know.

He sighed; he wasn't going to fight it. "I didn't want to say it the look of things I won't be back very soon."

"Well I know that, it's going to take a while for you to-"

"No you're not getting me here Pewds. I don't think I'll be home this year."

I felt my whole body get cold and I dropped to my knees; I just stared ahead. "You can't be serious, this year? That's-"I stopped when it sunk in. "Ryan that's almost 5 months and that's just to the New Year!"

"I know but you won't have to cover for me too much because I take long vacations anyway." He tried but the attempt was useless on me.

I had to close my eyes to hold back the tears and I let my head drop. "But...I miss you..."

"I know I miss you too Felix and this isn't going to be easy for me..."

"Well you're a whole world away from home. It's not surprising that you're homesick." I tried to sound a little stronger but I think it fell flat.

"No, I'm not homesick..." He paused. "I won't get to talk to you anymore; it'll make this a little harder. I'd feel more comfortable with a familiar friend with me but I'll deal, it's no problem." He sounded almost legitimately better but I knew.

My heart was pounding, my eyes were wet and my voice quivered but I had to say it, I had to get it out before I lost him again. "Ryan...I never actually got to tell you while I was there but if you don't mind, I'd like to say it now." He waited for me quietly and I sighed before saying it. "I love you Ryan, I knew it before but I wanted to be sure before I said it. I know and I'm sorry I didn't say anything before." I waited but I got complete silence. "Ryan, are you still there?"

~Ryan's POV~

I felt my spirits lift instantly and I smiled under my mask. I motioned for the others to go away for a moment and Stephano and Mr. Chair shooed everyone into the room connected to this one by a door.

"What did you say?" I asked with a shaking voice.

"I said I love you Ryan, I said it to you a few times while we were there but I don't think you ever heard me." His voice quivered and I knew he was holding back tears. I heard him take a deep breath before talking to me in a quaking voice. "Please tell me Ryan, tell me you love me too!"

I had to use all my focus not to drop that phone. I felt a fire unlike anything else spark in my heart and I smiled before saying it. "I love you Felix, I love you so much." I sighed as I heard him hum into the phone; a sound of approval.

"Please say it again," he begged.

"I'll say it a million times if you want me to. I will be back soon I promise Pewdie! I love you, I love you so much!" I near shouted into the phone when I heard a beep from my phone and closed my eyes, but the tears leaked out anyway. "Battery's dead, bye Felix; I love you."

~Pewdie's POV~

The call cut out and all I heard was that God awful dial tone. I fell to my seat and dropped the phone on the carpet beside me; just staring forward. I cried but I smiled and hugged my arms around my chest. "I finally told him, now he knows and he loves me! He really loves me..."I could barely believe I'd gotten it out. I promised myself that I'd never let myself slip into that dark hole ever again.


The next few months were painstakingly slow but not impossible. I still had this funny habit of waking up early in the morning even though I would have trouble sleeping at night. Apparently some of my worries about Ryan still hadn't been silenced yet but I didn't let it stop me. I kept up with my video's and even the Bro's that knew I'd been a little off were happy to see me back on top.

"Welcome back Pewds!"

"Thank goodness, we missed you!"

"Alright he's back! We love you Pewds! *Brofist!"

I couldn't ignore the warmth in my heart after reading most of those comments. I sent thanks out to a bunch of them and happily got several your welcomes. I took better care of myself and even managed to hang out with Marzia a little bit. I did in fact tell her what happened in that phone call I mentioned and she believed me entirely which made me happy. While we'd been a good couple we were even better friends. She also stuck by my side and helped me celebrate the New Year when it came around. What a party that was!

I got home super late at like 2 am and was more than ready to get to bed but I passed my calendar and noticed that each day had been marked off by another set of numbers. I pulled it off the wall and flipped back to when the weird counting started and saw that it started the day after I got home...I'd been counting the days that Ryan still wasn't home. I sighed and threw the calendar away and made a mental note to buy a new calendar for 2013 tomorrow.

That night was way different than the rest, I went straight to sleep but I didn't dream. I closed my eyes and drifted in the silence for a while then the next thing I knew my eyes popped open and the clock read 5:34 in the morning and I groaned.

Another early fucking morning! I sat up and walked into my living room, the house was still super dim and the sun had hardly risen so I chose to watch the sky brighten a little bit today. I moved my most comfortable chair over to the big window in my living room. I sat in it and cocooned myself in a blanket and just watched the dim sky.

I started to drift away when I heard a knock on my front door. I groaned at the thought of getting up and opening it but whoever it was would have to come back later because I was not moving. I settled back into my blanket and allowed myself to drift. I was so drowsy that I still didn't move when I heard the door open and someone call my name.

I knew it had to be Marzia dropping off my mail this morning while she didn't usually try to wake me. I decided she could just leave it and I'd get to it later. I finally drifted into sleep and everything went peacefully black around me.


I woke up to the feeling of a hand inside my shirt. I opened my eyes and saw through my my bed room. I wasn't in the chair in my living room anymore, I was in bed. The sun had crawled across the sky and was beginning to set as the sky turned pink and orange. The clouds were a little burned around the edges but were a buttery yellow near the middle like toast. I watched the buildings outside start lighting up for the evening life to begin when the hand in my shirt moved across my stomach and I jolted a little. I heard a quiet 'sorry' and turned over to look at the person with me. I only saw the white expressionless mask he always wore. "Ryan!!"

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he held my body close to his with both his warm hands inside my shirt. I felt tears sting my eyes again and I didn't dare stop them. I squeezed him close and whimpered to him. "How did you get here?"

"By plane, how else am I gonna get from Florida to Sweden."

"No I mean how did you get here, here?" I asked pulling back to look at his masked face.

He chuckled a little and stroked my cheek which I leaned into. "How about we talk about it over dinner? Tell me that Sweden has pizza." He nearly begged and I smiled.

"Of course we do!" we laughed and he touched my cheek softly which made me smile and snuggle into his hand again.

We wound up staying there like that for about an hour before we finally got up and ordered the pizza. While I ordered in Swedish Ryan started walking around looking at my house. As the person went to get his superior-first day so he didn't really know what to do-I peeked over at Ryan who was looking around at every corner of my house.

He'd been here before but I guess he forgot what it looked like. I smiled and he tripped over something and fell behind my couch and I lost sight of him. I broke out laughing and almost fell over my belly was hurting so bad.

He used the couch to get up and I assume he was glaring at me. "Shut up and order the pizza!"

I giggled the whole time I ordered the pizza which confused the hell out of the guy on the phone. It was delivered later and we settled in the living room and talked.

"So how did you get back?" I asked through a mouthful of pizza.

"Well when I got home my whole family had wondered why my vacation had been so long." He started and before he took a bite he looked up at me. "Do you have any idea how hard it was to come up with a reason as to why I wasn't done with my vacation? I had to tell them Maya was having surgery due to complications about her missing eye."

I picked up Maya and cuddled the pug close to me as the fright from that horrible accident was brought up again. She barked at him which made him look back at her. "No offense Maya,"

She grumbled a little and I set her back down on the ground then picked up another pizza slice and started eating. "But what were your demons is what I want to know. What were they and how did you beat them?"

He instantly didn't seem comfortable with the question and completely ignored my question by calling Maya over and playing with her a little. I scowled a little at the rather rude way he decided to ignore me and picked up another slice. He froze and looked over at me as I dug in but I froze mid bite; a trail of melted cheese keeping me and the pizza connected. "What?"

"How many slices have you had already?" he asked outright and I really wanted him to answer my question first so I didn't answer his.


I didn't really know what to do about Ryan right now. I thought carefully as I brushed my teeth and wondered why he wouldn't tell me. He avoided all my questions about his objective and it drove me crazy, he didn't want me to know but what was so bad that he wouldn't tell me about it. I really wanted to know and I wasn't going to let him sleep tonight if he wouldn't tell me.

I spat out my mouthful of toothpaste foam and rinsed before leaving the bathroom and nearly bumping into Ryan. He stepped past me and didn't even say hey, then shut the door. It felt like a frosty wind passed me when he walked by. I heard the faucet and clenched my fists then went into the living room and sat down on the couch like an impatient child. Why is he acting so cold to me?

Ryan came out of the bathroom a little later and I stopped him in the hallway. I could tell by his body language alone that he knew something was wrong.

"What? Something wrong?" he asked, like he didn't know.

"Well yeah, ever since you got here you've been avoiding my questions and I am not going to let you keep this from me. What were your objectives and how did you beat them?" I asked again and I was more than ready for him to try and avoid it again. The way his shoulders sunk meant he wasn't going to do it again.

"One of them was probably the hardest of all; I had to accept the fact that I would never see you again. I had to live my life with never getting to hold you, or kiss you or even talk to you again; I had to accept that. For me it was rock bottom." He started; his voice low.

I slightly regretted pushing him so hard on the subject, maybe I shouldn't have asked.

He continued. "The other one was a little harder and much more painful." He reached up and touched the bottom of his mask. "Please, don't freak out, Ok." I watched closely as he pulled the mask off his head and when I saw his face my hands shot up to my mouth to cover my gasp. He held his mask in his hand and waited for me to respond. His right eye was scarred shut and his cheek wore three distinct claw marks that looked excruciating.

I was almost in tears and my body shook. What had he done to come back? "What-"I couldn't even finish my body was shaking so much.

"The other one was giving up the sight in my right eye. Sorry, it's not like what you expected." He smiled anyway and closed his good eye. He shivered then looked at me with his one good eye when I saw a slash of white across the iris. I bit my lower lip as he continued to shake. "I can barely see right now, you're so blurry." He reached out and touched my cheek softly.

I leaned into it and his skin is so real. I felt my eyes sting with tears they were fighting.

I sighed and threw myself at him; pushing him back against the wall. He hugged me tight and I hugged him. "Do you really think I'm that shallow? I don't care about what you look like; with or without your mask I still love you!" I squeezed him and he held me tighter.

I pulled back a little and lightly kissed his nose; terrified that if I kissed him too hard he'd be hurt somehow. I hugged him and he moved one leg between mine to say what I knew he was too shy to say aloud.

I felt something move in my pocket and pulled back a little bit and looked down. There was a large gash along the left thigh of my jeans that had never been sewn and suddenly I was hit with the image of broken window glass and claws on my chest. "These are the pants I wore when we were at Brennenberg." I said without thinking. I reached into the pocket and my hand wrapped around the glass bottle.

I grabbed it and pulled it out. "I guess I left this in my pocket at some point."

We just stared at it for a moment when I moved to put it back. He caught my hand and looked me in the eyes, "Can you use that to fix my eye? I want to be able to see you clearly, not blurry like you look now."

I felt my heart jump a little and I handed him the bottle. I touched my heart as he held the bottle in his hands. "So, you can't see me?"

"No, I haven't been seeing clearly since Brooke put the Bro in the cage with me. My vision is blurry, it's a miracle I made it here." He explained not thinking much of it but he saw me shaking and he grabbed my shoulders; suddenly worried. "What's wrong?"

"You can't see me at all? I'm blurry," I don't know why that of all things bothered me. "I want you to see me." I rested my head on his chest and he held me and sighed.

"I do too, more than you understand." He whispered into my hair.

After I finally got a grip-again-I led him into the bathroom where I grabbed a towel and sat on the counter. He came over and handed me the bottle then touched his face and laughed. "Since we're fixing my eye, can we fix the skin too? I appreciate that you don't care about my looks but frankly, I don't want to look like the guy from Phantom of the Opera."

I laughed then pulled the cork off the bottle and poured it on the rag. The purple liquid glittered a little then Ryan stepped close to me and rested his hands on either side of my hips. I reached up and lightly rubbed the rag on his cheek, when I pulled away the scars were gone and his skin was flawless. I kept rubbing the right side of his face till I held it over his eye.

~Ryan's POV~

He kept the rag over my eye and I waited patiently when the tingling started. It escalated from tingling to burning then aching then just outright pain. My body shook as my eye seemed to endure the hit that had cost me my sight. Pewdie felt the shaking and he touched the back of my head and whispered to me softly. "I'm here it's Ok. I know it hurts but hang in there."

I reached out and wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him close but not moving the rag even a little. My body tensed up and I ground my teeth whenever a new wave of pain shook my brain then the rest of me. After what felt like hours, my body slowed the shaking and the sensation in my eye changed. I slowly began to feel the rag against my skin, the rough old fabric wet with Laudanum against my face when my eye itched to open. I pulled back and let him go and he pulled the rag back. I blinked both my eyes then opened them and saw my face in the mirror behind him. I sighed and smiled; I could see out of both eyes, clearly. I looked at him and smiled at him as his nervous gaze remained on my face.

~Pewdie's POV~

"How do I look?" he asked and I was trying too hard to breathe so I couldn't answer right away. His skin was flawless and his eyes were bright green. He smiled innocently at me; he looked so shy now that I could actually see his face. I felt a little pain in my heart at the thought of what he endured and envisioned that same face twisted in pain and trying so hard not to scream or show weakness. I bit my lip and touched his cheek softly. The skin was smooth and just a little wet.

"Like you," I sat up just a little and kissed him softly. His lips were warm against mine and when I pulled away he looked down at me. I smiled and slid off the counter and got a little wedged between the counter and his body. I looked up at him a little embarrassed and then I slipped away and into the hallway.

"Felix," I heard behind me and when I turned around he pressed me against the wall by my shoulders. He touched my jaw gently and my whole body quaked. His eyes won't leave mine and they are so serious but so afraid at the same time. I felt my breath get short when I pressed my back against the wall. "Ryan, do you want to..." I didn't finish when I heard his mask hit the floor.

Chapter 8: An Ocean or Two
If you wanna see the full ending *lemon included* follow the link below to my page and read it all the way through.
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Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
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After almost a year of unemployment, I finally got another job, with that now secured I can finally pick up this story! (You’ve been waiting long enough :3 )


Chapter Five: Plan of Action


    Early the next morning, Naruto stood near the training field and Lilli hovered beside him with her wings silently fluttering. Naruto sighs as he sees Kakashi reading beside the Memorial Stone, same ratty book he had yesterday; a rip down the spine, torn and bent edges and a mystery stain on the back.

    Naruto leaned over to Lilli and whispers, “I don’t think I can do this…”

    “Don’t worry Naruto, I’ve got it covered. I also like things to happen naturally, you know I’m not going to have you act like someone you’re not-“

    Naruto boldly grabbed the front of her top and pulled her nose to nose. “Ok, so if you’re not going to help me with this like that then how am I going to do this?!”

    She held up her hands and smiled. “Relax, you’ll be fine. I know you aren’t good with words but I am, trust me my literature grades at school were totally awesome!” she pulled away and whipped him around and started ruffling his hair and straightening his head band. “I’m just going to help you speak the proper way and how you can drive him wild with longing.”

    “I don’t think I’m ready to do that!”

    “Not that you Dumbo, I’m going to help you make his love for you something worth waiting for-“she paused. “He knows you’re here but he can’t sense me, get out there and just be yourself and fear not the quirkiness of your attitude Ok, he loves it. It makes you a-dork-able.”

    “A-what-able?” he said as she shoved him out of the bushes.

    He stumbled and saw two feet in front of him, he looked up and saw Kakashi standing there looking confused. “Naruto, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to rest today.”

    “Yeah but I thought…a little fresh air could do me some good.” He smiled.

    “Is that so?” he looked behind Naruto at the bush then back at him.

    Naruto smiled awkwardly before taking a nervous step backwards and Kakashi patted his head. “Well, that’s true and it is nice out. But-“he turned and started walking back to the stone. “-why come here?”

    Lilli rushed out of the bush and shoved Naruto forward while whispering in his ear. “Don’t get nervous, he’s talking to you like a person not just a student. This is it, a very important moment, go and chat with him and remember the a-dork-able!”

    “What does that mean?”

    “It means you’re so dumb it’s incredibly cute! Now go!” she pushed him and he rushed forward then turned to look and she was gone. He sighed and walked over to stand beside Kakashi at the stone. Lilli was settled in on a tree branch nearby and watches intently through the leaves, a little sunlight filtering on her eyes, like a mask.

    “I just come here all the time, I like the woods…the trees are cool.”

    “The trees are cool…”Kakashi doesn’t seem to buy it.

    “Yeah, there are squirrels and sometimes I see other guys training and I could watch and pick up some tricks.” Not a lie, he did spend some time here on his off days. He did like the breaks but he needed to keep learning all sorts of different techniques; if he was going to become Hokage he had to keep the learning curve alive.

    Kakashi scoffed a little. “Sounds like something you might do, you’ve always been pretty determined.”

    Naruto felt his face light up and Lilli smiled from her place in the tree. “Exactly,”

    Lilli’s tail suddenly slipped out and hung down from the cover in the trees and flicked back and forth. Naruto looked up at Kakashi from where he sat and before he could speak, Kakashi looked over at him a little embarrassed it seemed.

    “Listen Naruto, I just want to apologize about what I said the other night, I know that it might have come across a tad bit inappropriate for a teacher to say to his student.”

    Naruto quirked his head to the side, he didn’t really seem to understand till it struck him like a clear ringing bell.


    “Sensei, I’ll be fine to train tomorrow!” he complained as Kakashi put his book away and started walking toward him. “I can train tomorrow, I feel just fine, I’m even willing to start right now if you-“he stopped as Kakashi leaned down to almost touch noses with him and held his chin, staring directly into Naruto’s eyes that looked grey in the moonlight. Kakashi’s silvery hair almost shimmered and his grey eye looked mystic, hiding a cryptic secret that no one knew but him.

    “Naruto…go home and take tomorrow off, the last thing I want to see is you hurt. I couldn’t stand it before and I won’t stand for you to get yourself hurt by being stubborn,” his gaze almost intensified. “Don’t make me have to put you in bed myself…”


    Naruto felt his cheeks heat up at the memory, his stomach felt alive with fluttering little wings and he shivered as he tried his very hardest to quell such a memory. “Oh…that…” he started, feeling the air around him suddenly growing warmer as he once again pictured Kakashi putting him into bed, being ever so gentle but so possessive of him…his body…!

    Suddenly Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder and he was shaken from his day dream to look up at the man it centered on. “I just figured I should clear the air before I freaked you out too much, you tend to be rather jumpy about things like that.”


    Kakashi pulled his hand away from Naruto’s shoulder and looked back at his book but didn’t read anything. Naruto should have gone into a fit of complaining that he wasn’t jumpy or giving excuses as to why it seems like that but he just accepted it and twiddled his thumbs, looking at the ground.


    The afternoon went on, warm and breezy with Naruto and Kakashi just talking about training, new missions and plans about the future…well, Naruto talked and Kakashi set him up to continue talking. Naruto was always a very open kid but he never actually talked to anyone about things like this, his training and his dreams about being Hokage were all anyone ever really heard but, Kakashi doubted that anyone even knew his favorite color-which subsequently was blue.

    They walked through the forest a little still talking while Lilli followed holding a patch of raised skin on her forehead from where Naruto had hit her with a rock. He’d spotted her tail swaying in the open air for all to see and thankfully, Kakashi hadn’t seen it yet. He distracted Kakashi by calling out to a few friends and picked up a rock to throw at her. The rock flew into the plush leaves on the tree; hit something making the tail that stood out puff up and bristle and then her whole body fell out of the tree and into a bush.


    She knew she’d get him for that, but at a later date. She watched closely as they walked along nearing a large field of tall grass. Lilli could hear the quiet hum of several flying bugs and a few were flying, lit up as the evening sky set in. She slid down out of the tree and scurried up ahead of them and fast as a cat, rushed through the grass in a straight line ahead of them-even meowing for added effect-and all the fireflies sprang up and flourished around them like a pair of gentle hands protecting them from the outside world.

    Naruto’s blue eyes grew wide and he stared and exclaimed at the beautiful display while Kakashi, just stared at him. Naruto’s eyes were darkened by the low lighting and reflected the night sky and were now dotted with the reflection of the fire bugs. He sighed solemnly and from her new perch in the bushes Lilli’s shoulders dropped a little, feeling a little sad for the man…but it would be worth it, she knew he’d wait.

    Kakashi reached out his hand to let a few lightning bugs land on his fingers and then lowered them to Naruto’s face so he could look at them closely. Something glistened in the way Naruto’s face just lit up at the sight of them being so close, sharing this moment with him even seemed to sweeten the deal and his grin was wide and his cheeks pink with excitement. Kakashi smiled under his mask and Naruto didn’t see it.

    “Naruto,” he said and Naruto looked up from the bugs and at him. “You have a magical smile, you seem to make everyone’s day better when you smile.”

    “What do you mean sensei?” he seemed confused.

    “Well, when you smile at people, it’s like you’ve given them a beautiful gift that only you can provide and it makes people feel better, reassuring them. You make people hopeful with that smile.”

    Naruto’s eyes softened from wonderment to something…Kakashi had only ever seen once…back in the library underneath those shelves. “I’ve never seen your smile Kakashi sensei, I bet your smile makes people feel better too but why you choose to hide it is beyond me.” Naruto says, a few lightning bugs landing on his shoulders and hair.

    “What are you talking about?” he asked.

    “You always wear that mask and no one ever sees your face at all. We know what your eyes look like but not the rest of your face, it’s a shame really. I remember when the old man and Ayame at the noodle bar saw it and they seemed pretty happy so you must have one too.” Naruto said simply.

    Kakashi tensed and relaxed with a light chuckle and Naruto smiled again, feeling a warm flutter in his chest. He wasn’t upstarted or swooning like a schoolgirl but he felt…warm and relaxed now.

    Kakashi suddenly yawned and pointed toward the village. “Well, I’m gonna head home now, be seeing you Naruto.”

    “Ok, bye Kakashi sensei.” Naruto said awkwardly.

    As Kakashi passed him by he brushed Naruto’s hair back and patted his head before he was gone.

    Naruto’s heart began to calm down and he sighed when Lilli squeaked from her place in the bush. “Hey you how’d you like the light show?” she emerged and walked over to stand beside him.

    “You did that?”

    “Sort of, the fireflies would have avoided you guys but a little run through the grass in the right direction and they flocked around you two. I took a little walk and gave you two some privacy, how’d it go?” She asked.

    “Great, we talked all day and…” Naruto’s voice dropped a little. “-well I don’t know if this is good news or not?”

    Lilli’s ears pricked up, “What happened?”

    “He apologized for what he said to me the other night…he um…” he stalled and looked away from her. “-made a comment about putting me to bed himself and…he kind of took it back tonight. He said it was a little inappropriate for him to say that to me.” He looked down, disappointed.

    “That’s not a bad thing you know,” she said simply.

    Naruto looked back up at her befuddled. “What do you mean?”

    “He’s a grown man Naruto and you’re what, twelve?”

    “Yeah, that doesn’t mean he can’t say stuff to me, right?” He tried.

    “True but to him it’s morally wrong, you’re his student, and he’s the teacher. A student teacher relationship is always something of a taboo but he’s much too invested in you to just give up; he won’t make any moves…not yet anyway.”

    “Not yet…?!” Naruto said a little excited.

    “Keep your pants on Naruto, you obviously need to grow up but until then…you are playing hard to get.” She ordered more than suggested.

    “Playing hard to get, what does that mean?”

    “He can’t have you because you’re still a kid and you feel very strongly for him yes?”


    “Then this means you’ll need to make sure he knows you’re still interested and when you’re old enough to do ‘things’-“ she said with a quirk of her eyebrows, making Naruto chuckle awkwardly. “-he’ll be so mad about you that he won’t be able to contain himself anymore.”

    “So kind of like offering a dog a bone-“

    “-and mocking him with it until you give it to him.” She finished.

    Naruto felt his cheeks heat up again, the idea of making someone go mad for him, to crave him and not just anyone-the one he felt the strongest for-he shivered with excitement. He’s never been like this before…puberty must be in full bloom.

    He looked up at Lilli and smiled. “Yeah, I’m willing…but-“then a thought strung in Naruto’s mind. “Are you gonna be able to stay for that long?”

    “Naruto…time here and back home moves very differently.”

    “Meaning what?”

    “I’ve already been gone for a hella long time, they’re not worried, and I’ve got a job to do.”

    “Alright, then let’s go back home and get some food, I’m starving.”

    “I’ll go ahead and make food tonight, it’s on me-you did great today.”

    “Wow, really, thank you!” Naruto said excitedly when one last thing dawned on him that made him stop walking. “Wait, what about that other Fairi that’s here, the one with purple hair?”

    “As long as I’m close by and you’re never alone, we won’t have any trouble with her.” She smirked and put a hand on his shoulder. “I promise; you’ll be safe.”

    Naruto smirked and put a hand over hers. “Ok, let’s get out of here!”

NarutoxKakashi Ch.5:Plan of Action
Well, as you can probably imagine, it's not easy out in the world...however this world is well worth dealing with that world and thanks to this world, I can bring you a new world.
(Probably not as clever sounding as it came out in my head.)
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5: Here
Chapter 6: Coming Soon

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Chapter Four: Answer my questions


    Naruto backed up a step only to trip backwards and fall on his butt as she raised her hands to try and calm him. “Please, stop shouting! I’m not here to hurt anybody!” she begged.

    “Why should I believe you?” he said with a growl to his voice.

    “Because I’m here to help you, not hurt anyone!” She whispered out, her fox ears hugging her head, like a frightened animal.

    His scowl faded and he tilted his head a little. “Help me…? Why do I need your help?”

    She approached slowly and knelt down before him, bowing respectfully. “My name is Lilli, I’m not from around here, and I’m here to help you with your Sensei and to protect you.”

    He paused for a moment, taking her in. She wasn’t very big but clearly stronger than she looked, she had fox ears on her head and her wide eyes were brown and frankly, rather lovely. Her face held nothing but honesty, she wanted him to believe her really badly…she wasn’t being aggressive; she wasn’t doing anything to betray her as a liar, he decided to give her a chance. “Where are you from?”

    She smiled softly. “Another…dimension if you will. I’m what people call a Fairy; I assume you’ve heard the stereotypes but I can easily divulge any that you…have?” she was cut off by Naruto bursting out laughing and was now lying on his back. She frowned and furrowed her brow.

    She pressed her ears against her head and growled in her throat. “It’s not funny, what are you laughing at?”

    “You expect me to believe that you’re a Fairy from another dimension? I’d sooner believe Sakura asking me on a date!”

    “I’d sooner expect Sasuke to come waltzing back into the village with an apology.” She snapped standing up angrily and Naruto fell silent; those painful memories still fresh in his mind. Her flushed red face quickly faded and she sighed sadly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap like that but I need you to believe me. I can prove that I’m telling you the truth.”

    “I guess-what’s that?” he started but veered off pointing at a bushy fox tail that popped up behind her.

    She jumped a little and giggled awkwardly. “Oh, when I get flustered it puffs up,” she pushed it out of sight where it remained hidden behind her back. “Sorry about that.”

    He stayed silent for a moment then looked up at her. “So how are you going to prove it?” he said awkwardly.

    “Since the ears and tail aren’t enough to convince you I’ll just show you another extra appendage on my body and-“she held up a finger for silence. “Before you say anything, no it is not a third boob.” She turned from him and pulled her hair over her shoulder, revealing her back. Pale like the rest of her and toned, the half-tank top had a small corset ribbon design down the middle.

    Naruto sighed with disappointment. One day, one day…he thought.

    Lilli reached behind her and pulled the bow free and her top loosened, Naruto watched in captivation as the back separated and the straps fell from her shoulders, exposing her naked back. He couldn’t see anything in front but he wasn’t looking anyway; from her back sprouted two large butterfly wings, purple, see through and shimmering in the pale moonlight.

    They had a ghostly purple to them with a black outlining, like a monarch butterfly but purple with a sort of sparkle to them.

    “What-“he exclaimed quietly as they shuddered with life and fluttered softly. “Are those,” he began.

    “Yes, they’re real and yes you can touch them but very gently, they’re powerful but fragile.” She said and took one step backwards, closer to Naruto. He reached up and gently touched the edge of the wings and felt a little jolt through his finger when he spotted a strange seam through one of her wings.

    He reached out and touched it with the tip of his finger, making her jolt a little and look over her shoulder at him. “What happened there?”

    “Oh, when I tussled with the guard the other night, he tackled me to the ground and broke my wing; it’s still healing a little but for the time being I can’t fly.” She said pulling her shirt back up and tightening the corset style ties on the back of her tank top. “That’s why I was in a bush and not in the air instead.”

    “I’m sure Grandma Tsunade could fix this, she’s fixed some pretty crazy stuff before,” he said but Lilli shook her head sadly, finishing the knot and turning to face him again.

    “No, she can’t know I’m here. The thing is, your people aren’t supposed to know my people exist, we’re sort of a secret to your kind which is why I could get in a lot of trouble if I were to be-“she was cut off by a pounding at the door. “-caught!”

    “Naruto, open the door.” A booming female voice said from the other side of the door.

    “Naruto, you’ve got to hide me! They can’t find out I’m here or they’ll send me back and I won’t be able to protect you.” The pounding continued and Naruto tried to think when he had an idea.

    “I’ve got it, follow me!” he grabbed her arm and led her down the hall from the main area of his house and into his bathroom where he shut the door and began stripping.

    Lilli winced a little and crossed her arms. “I’m not sure I like this plan anymore.”

    “Stop complaining now get in the tub!” he ordered.

    The Shinobi at the front door picked the lock and walked into his house. They didn’t hear anything until a strangely loud thud made them turn their attention to the bathroom.

    Lilli was refusing to get in the tub which was now full of steaming hot water. She held onto the edges to stay out with her face precariously close to the water while Naruto tried to push her in. “How you humans bathe in such hot water is beyond me!”

    “Just get in the tub, they’re coming!” he hissed.

    Just then they knocked on the door and they heard a loud splash within, making water pour out from under the door. “Naruto we’re coming in.” said the leader.

    She opened the door and Naruto was sitting inside the tub with a wash cloth in his hands. “Hello…” he said awkwardly.

    The leader of the group of Shinobi was Kiku Hadaka, a real hard-ass and sometimes she focused so hard on the hidden meanings in things she missed what was right in front of her. Her flowing green hair was tied into a tight bun and her fellow cohorts looked like clones of each other, all wearing the standard Shinobi uniform with masks on.

    “Naruto people were complaining of what sounded like fighting and screaming coming from your house, we came in to check and make sure you were alright.” She said flatly. “The woman that attacked you before got away and we know she attacked you, we figured that if there was a commotion coming from inside your home, maybe she’d come after you.”

    “Yeah, I’m fine and sorry about the noise I was…killing a spider.” He said in a low voice. So she got away, even with 6 ninja’s chasing her down, she escaped.

    She quirked an eyebrow at him and surveyed the bathroom when she noticed something about his clothes, though strewn about everything was visible, accept... “Where’s your underwear?”

    Naruto scowled. “What, you’ve never gone commando before?”

    She sighed with frustration as a light pink hue came to her cheeks and she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Look, just keep the noise down; you’re scaring people,” she said and as she turned muttered under her breath. “More than usual…” she headed out while her fellow ninja followed her but one stalled at the bathroom door more, looking at Naruto then giving him a thumbs up to which Naruto chuckled a little when a hand came out of nowhere and pulled the ninja along behind Kiku. He laughed a little as they made their way out.

    They all left and once the front door closed Naruto sighed when bubbles began forming under him. He jolted and backed up and Lilli burst through the surface, sopping wet and gasping for air. She turned and glared at Naruto. “I am a Fairy, not a fish.” She said angrily but evenly.

    A little while later after everything was cleaned up and Lilli had dried off, she settled onto the cot Naruto had made up for her on the floor. “Thank you, for allowing me stay here tonight,”

    She was no longer wearing her knee high pink boots with purple laces or her elbow length gloves, those were set down by the door and she dragged a hair brush she’d pulled out of a bag she’d hidden under Naruto’s bed earlier through her long dark hair.

    “I’m still curious about a few things, but I believe you when you say you’re here to help me out.” He said as he buttoned his pajama shirt and walked over to bed, now wearing his hat.

    “What are you curious about?” she said as she put the brush back into the bag and pushed it under the bed.

    “Well, where are you from?” he crossed his arms and looked at her.

    “A place called The Sunni Orchid Village, we’re called that because in my home Orchids are a party flower and well we are world renowned for our parties and festivals. It’s also a tropical island so it’s very sunny, not very deep of a meaning but it fits and it’s always been that way.” She smiled.

    “Do you have ninja’s there?” he said uncrossing his arms and sitting down on his bed.

    “No, but I’ve been closely surveying the way your people seem to work and my people are fairly similar. I’m like you in rank and my teacher Kassandra is like Kakashi in rank.” She waved her hand back and forth.

    “What about your leader, are they like Grandma Tsunade?” he said scratching his cheek.

    “Not as loud or angry or trying to hide from her work but yeah, our leaders name is Ferngazer Tidal. She was appointed last year, the previous leader Stargazer died. In my home our names are a little different than yours, very nature based and ‘gazer’ replaces the end of their name. The reason for that is actually a part of our history, our leader gazes out over our home, watching us thrive and keeping our home alive. Being our leader is a position very noble and dignified…I frankly couldn’t imagine having a leader like…her.”

    “I couldn’t at first but she hasn’t killed us all yet so that means she’s doing something right.” Naruto chuckled and Lilli nodded when her eyes seemed to drop. “What is it?”

    “I’ve been gone for quite a while…I haven’t been home in a long time and I guess I miss it. Besides, your home is…a little like mine…mine is just smaller.” She looked around the room and back to the floor while Naruto lay down on his bed and looked at her.

    “What’s your house like?” He tried; maybe talking about it more will make her feel better.

    “Well, I live on a big weeping willow tree, it was cut down about half way a long time ago but the treehouse was built on top of it and the tree itself is still alive so it’s beautiful, some branches grew into my house and I love seeing the evergreen leaves at night, they shimmer and it’s just spectacular.”

    “Do you live with anyone?” he continued.

    “Yeah, I have a big group of friends; Blaze, Tucker, Yura, Wanderer, Tanzi, Kiko, Ziggy and Moni oh, and my housekeeper, Jay Bird and my cat Twinkle. All of them live in my treehouse with me, it’s a little crowded but we’re happy.”

    “You have a housekeeper?” he asked intrigued.

    “Yeah, I kind of just found her wandering around and she moved in with me. She’s not built for fighting like the rest of us and she feels safe in my house so she stays there a lot and her way of earning her keep is to clean for me when I’m away.”

    “Are you gone a lot?” his voice lowered a little as he slowly became drowsy.

    “Yeah,” she said.

    “So…what are you exactly?”

    “I’m a Fairy that specializes in water, a Water Fairy and I can do things like-“she looked over at the table in the next room with a glass of water on it and her eyes grew from brown to a glowing purple. The water in the glass suddenly formed a ball and levitated out of the cup and floated over to her where it hovered beside her and she grinned. “-this for starters,”

    She smiled and snapped her fingers making the ball vanish and Naruto’s eyes were wide, all signs of sleepiness gone. “That’s awesome!”

    “It’s actually second nature to me, what’s fascinating is that there are no others like me, I’m the last of my kind; Water Fairies I mean.”

    “You’re the only one?”  His expression fell a little.

    “Yeah, my whole species seemed to have just vanished. Everyone woke up one day a long time ago and they were all just…gone. Then when I showed up…they said it was a miracle.”

    “You just showed up?”

    “I was only a baby when my teacher Kassandra found me by the river; she was just a teenager then. I’d just been born but there was no trace of my parents. I was just left there, wrapped in a big leaf.” She said evenly, not seeming to care at all.

    “How’d they find you? Did you get left on someone’s doorstep?”

    “No, I was in the woods. They heard me start screaming because a monster was trying to eat me.”

    “What tried to eat you?” he exclaimed.

    “A creature in my home that actually has a lot to do with the woman who attacked you before.”

    “What?” Naruto said.

    “A creature known as a Shadowlark, they are born out of shadows and a dead fairies blood spilled in battle. You’d think that with specific circumstances like that there would be very few but, they’ve inhabited our forests making travel very treacherous, forbidden at night!” she said then looked him directly in the eyes. “That woman’s name is Beautr’e; she’s here to steal the power that resides deep within you. She needs it to control them and turn them all into their cousin beasts; the Bloodlark. The Bloodlark are born from blood spilled out of hate.”

    “Why does my power matter?” he said lowly.

    “She needs it, your peoples power is magnified by ours making whatever you have stronger if she gets it. With so much power she’ll turn all the Shadowlark into Bloodlark and make an army to destroy my home. She believes that we’ve wronged her in some way, she used to teach there too but she defected all of a sudden and no one knows why and now she’s after us.” She said hollowly.

    “So you’re here to…?”

    “To stop her, I have to take her back to my home because you see she ripped a hole through the wall that separates our two worlds. She came here, somehow already knowing about you and I followed her because…” she paused. “She planted a bomb in our school, there were kids there, little kids and the only way they were saved was because one of the really little kids found it by accident. They were evacuated and the bomb was detonated because it couldn’t be defused. The school was destroyed.”

    “She tried to kill kids?”

    “Yes, I chased her but before I could catch her she escaped here and she would have killed that guard if I hadn’t distracted him…unfortunately that gave me up to her and she knows I’m here too. I had to knock him out so I could go after her.”

    “If all of this is true then why not tell Grandma Tsunade?”

    “Because, our people are supposed to remain separate, that’s what that wall was for. I cannot be found out, they’ll send me back and you’ll be left without protection.” She stopped and smiled. “Now…about your other problem…Kakashi, he’s twice your age at best and while very handsome, completely out of your league anyway. You’re in love with him but you can’t do anything about it.”

    “I-“he stopped and sighed as a blush rushed into his cheeks, “Yeah, I am…I just don’t know what I can do about it.”

    “Well that’s where I come in sweetie, if you keep my secret I’ll help you with him.” She said as she seated herself on his bed beside him.

    “How are you going to help me?” He scoffed.

    “One of the perks of being a Fairy is that we have all kinds of abilities, one of mine is being able to read people like an open book. He’s got it bad for you too, I saw that little threat he made earlier. Don’t make me have to put you in bed myself… what a line.” She giggled while his face flushed red.

    “Ok…so what can you do?”

    “Start by telling you to be patient, you’re just a kid right now. You can’t have anything with him right now, you’ve got to grow up honey and you know very well that will take time but I can easily handle that.” She stood up and pointed at him. “You have quite a lot of things coming for you in the near future! It’s going to be intense man and you already know one of those things!” She said valiantly.

    “What, the trip with Pervy Sage?”

    “Yes indeed! You’ve only got a little time left here until you have to leave yeah?”


    “Alright, well with that time that you’ve got left I’m going to help you drive him mad with flirtatious desire! We are going to butter him up good!” She slammed her fist into her open palm and Naruto jumped a little.


    “Then once you’re gone, his thoughts will be plagued with nothing but you, wanting to see your smiling face every moment! He will yearn for your affection and once you’ve returned…you will be old enough to make things happen and finally live happily ever after with him, you can bask in each other’s love and you’ll be happy!”

    “Are you sure it’ll be like that?”

    “100% positive my friend; tomorrow we start!”

    Naruto fell off his bed in astonishment. “Start what?”

    “Operation: Flirt begins tomorrow!”

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Chapter Three: So much trouble


    As the sun began to fall, painting the village a warm orange and making the hot summer day a cooler on setting evening, they finished cleaning the library out until everything was spotless…save for the neatly stacked books on the desks and several piles of broken book shelves. All the dust and cobwebs were gone, any guests-unwelcome ones that scurried about-were caught and set free outside.

    The shelves each had a label to them and so did the books themselves, tabs of paper taped to the spines and written in neatly. Sakura left the log she’d made on the desk and stepped back with a sigh.

    Naruto stepped up beside her and smiled, she was right, the whole room looked ten times better than when they started. He however had a large amount of dust on his body since he did most of the cleaning anyway. Kakashi dusted…the same shelf the entire time while Sakura made logs of the books that had been cleaned off the shelves. He was left with all of the dirty work but in the end, the room was cleaned the job was done…but-

    “Why did I have to clean everything?”

    Sakura silenced him with one good swipe to the back of his head and continued smiling. “Lady Tsunade is going to be so-“

    “CIRCUMSIZED BITCHES…!” They heard from the floor above.

    Naruto grinned like the Cheshire at the door, “Sounds like someone pissed her off.”

    Sakura rushed past him and he followed her out the door toward the Hokage’s office one floor up while Kakashi slowly walked with his book in hand. They rounded the corner and ran toward the open doors where they saw a few broken items piled up against the wall. Inside they heard Shizune’s voice.

    “Lady Hokage, please calm down.” She tried helplessly.

    They ran in but Sakura dove back out into the hall while Naruto got hit with a vase and was knocked down.

    “I KNOW IT’S HERE AND YOU ARE GOING TO HELP ME FIND IT!” she yelled at the top of her lungs throwing item after item out the door.

    “Shizune what’s going on?” Naruto groaned from the floor.

    “Lady Hokage lost a very important document and she needs it for the briefing.” Shizune ducked to avoid a large drawer being flung at her.

    Sakura walked in and seemed blind to a large box that was heading straight for her head.

    “LOOK OUT!” Shizune and Naruto exclaimed.

    She however blankly avoided the box and calmly went over the desk where she lifted up a glass of coffee that had somehow survived the fray beside it and pulled a file out from under it. “Lady Hokage…” She said evenly and Tsunade was about to raise her voice but she saw the file label with a coffee ring in the middle. “Is this what you’re looking for?”

    She stood up straight and took it calmly, all signs of rage gone! “Oh, there it is thank you Sakura.”

    Naruto and Shizune sighed when Kakashi walked in and stood beside Sakura. “We also finished cleaning, Lady Hokage.” He said evenly.

    “That’s great Kakashi, and I’ve already got your next assignment.” She said with a grin while Naruto peeled himself off the floor.

    “What’s up?” he said.

    “One of our sentries was found knocked out at his post this morning, when he was asked what had happened he said a woman had made her way into the village, she tried to slip past him but when he spotted her she-“ she stopped and opened the folder. “Jumped on him and asked him not to yell.”

    Naruto and Sakura tilted their heads.

    “When he began to fight back she tried to calm him down by stepping back but then he tried to subdue her and she knocked him down then apologized before knocking him cold.”

    “Why…” Naruto began.

    “He’s unsure but he said she has long black hair, a petite body frame, round face, brown eyes and very good manners?” she quirked an eyebrow at the last part.

    “I’d like you to join the night patrol, they’ve got her isolated in one section of the village near the school but we need more Shinobi to make the plan work.”

    “What plan?” Naruto asked.

    “Having her isolated in one section of the village is working and they’ve managed to keep her there but whenever they tried to close in on her they nearly lose her, she almost got away today. This is why we need you. We’re going to use you to find her, if you sweep through the area, one of you will find her and when you do, radio the others and they’ll make their move.”

    “What, you’re going to put all your eggs in one basket?” Sakura asked.

    “Yes, unfortunately most of our Shinobi are away on missions and this is our only chance to catch her. While her initial attack was...not so threatening, the fact that she had to sneak into the village itself was a threat on its own.” She stood up. “Go prepare yourselves and get some rest, I want you on top of your game this evening.”

    “What does she look like again?” Naruto asked.

    Tsunade reached into the folder and pulled out a drawing. “We had one of our more artistically skilled ninja do a composite sketch based on the definition our sentry gave.”

    She handed them the image of a girl no older than thirteen, long black hair, a petite frame with wider hips and prominent brown eyes.

    Naruto tried very hard to memorize the image, this mission was super important and the perfect chance for him to impress Kakashi Sensei after the little fiasco in the library. If he caught this person, maybe Kakashi would praise him more…he can’t really recall when Kakashi has ever praised him. Of all the people he wanted to prove himself to, Kakashi was the most important ever since that day all those years ago.

    The evening descended upon the village, the orange light of the sunlight faded away into pale moonlight. The village delved into the cool summer evening and crickets came to life, fireflies floated in the air, riding the gentle breeze.

    Naruto walked toward the ninja academy and as he passed the entrance by he saw the school yard was full of fireflies, drifting around like the bustling center of the village.

    He stopped when he saw a group of cats crowding around a bush that shivered with life, someone was settled inside it. He carefully reached for his knife but froze when someone placed their hand on his shoulder.

    He whipped around and was struck directly in the center of his face, knocking him down. He looked up as his vision drifted between fuzzy and clear. The image was a blurry mess of purple and black; the intruder?

    “Kaka-shi…” he tried numbly but his head was swimming.

    The woman crouched before him, close enough to where he could see her eyes, glowing bright green. “Well, I didn’t think they’d send you right to me.” She said her voice deep and humming, like a cello.

    “You…can’t-“he started then he heard someone start screaming, impossibly loudly. She looked up at someone and he turned to see her looking at whoever had been inside the bush and the cats were all screaming as well, sitting right beside her. It was a ghostly uproar that echoed around the village, no doubt waking everyone up and drawing all kinds of attention to that area.

    He heard someone that wasn’t that person yell at the woman. “STOP-“they started when she took off running. Six shadows suddenly followed her and a bright pink looking blur entered his vision.

    “I don’t have a lot of time!” said the shadow that came from the bush. “You’ll be fine in just one moment.”

    A loud clap later and the shadow, was gone and his vision was clear, he didn’t feel dizzy anymore and he felt fine. He sat up and looked around, he felt his cheeks heat up and pouted a little. His chance to prove himself just went right out the window.

    “Naruto!” he heard from behind and he looked to see Sakura and Kakashi running over.

    “Hey, did you guys see her?” he asked.

    “No, the other Shinobi are chasing her now, are you ok?” she asked.

    “Yeah, I’m fine but I don’t mean her, there was someone else here, she was hiding over in the bushes!” he pointed to the bush that no longer had the shadow or the cats, everything was gone. “There were cats surrounding it and they all started screaming at the same time!”

    “Naruto I think you were just imagining it, why were you lying down?” she asked.

    “The intruder hit me but then the shadow in the bush…did something to make my head clear up…I was all dizzy then-“

    “It was probably a medic ninja that was hiding out, he probably went with the others.”

    “Regardless, we did our job and now we let the other Shinobi handle her. Our job is done and we can go home.” Kakashi said pulling out his book and reading a line before calmly walking away.

    “Wait Kakashi Sensei, don’t you think we should take Naruto to see Lady Tsunade, what if he’s hurt?” Sakura asked.

    “No, Sakura I’m fine really; she didn’t hit me that hard.” He tried but she pointed at his forehead.

    “No I mean for those hallucinations about the cats, there are no cats anywhere.” She said flatly before standing up and offering him her hand.

    He took it and stood up while Kakashi stood nearby reading. “Well, we did have a long night so why not we take tomorrow off and see how you’re feeling the day after Naruto?” he offered.

    Naruto thought it over, he didn’t want to rest and he needed to train more than ever! She got the drop on him and he didn’t even notice her! “No, I’ll be fine to train tomorrow.”

    Kakashi lowered the book and looked to Sakura. “Why don’t you go ahead home Sakura, you enjoy your day off.” She nodded and waved before walking away.

    Naruto watched her walk around the corner and head home then looked back to Kakashi with big eyes. “Sensei, I’ll be fine to train tomorrow!” he complained as Kakashi put his book away and started walking toward him. “I can train tomorrow, I feel just fine, I’m even willing to start right now if you-“he stopped as Kakashi leaned down to almost touch noses with him and held his chin, staring directly into Naruto’s eyes that looked grey in the moonlight. Kakashi’s silvery hair almost shimmered and his grey eye looked mystic, hiding a cryptic secret that no one knew but him.

    “Naruto…go home and take tomorrow off, the last thing I want to see is you hurt. I couldn’t stand it before and I won’t stand for you to get yourself hurt by being stubborn,” his gaze almost intensified. “Don’t make me have to put you in bed myself…”

    Naruto felt his knees weaken and his already red face was aflame and his heart was doing double time, did he really just say that to him?

    “Naruto,” he said, his sultry voice making Naruto nod blankly, words lost to him. “Go home and go to bed…now.” He pulled back and just walked away.

    Naruto remained still then collapsed to his knees and began panting…he looked back and put a hand on his chest, feeling how fast his heart was going and trying to regain his breath…

    His eyes wide and his breathing labored he gasped. “Was that what sex is like?”

    Upon returning home he wanted nothing more than to take a bath and get some sleep. He did want to flop onto his bed first though, he needed just a second to recover from Kakashi’s steaming little onslaught.

    He threw himself onto bed only to feel a lumpy surface…a body under the covers. He jumped up with a yelp as the lump also yelped. Naruto turned and yanked the blanket off the bed to reveal a girl. A very pretty girl with a petite body and big eyes, her face was round but she looked…adorable.

    “What-“he started but she raised her hands and her eyes looked terrified.

    “Please don’t yell; I’m sorry I broke in but I wanted to make sure you were Ok.” She said quickly.

    Her voice carried evenly and her speech was clear, like a flute. This is the second person he’s met that had a voice like music.

    “Who are you?” he asked evenly.

    “My name is Lilli, I was hiding in a bush earlier, and you saw the cats.” She said when he realized that she had his walrus night cap on her head, and her hair was stuffed inside it.

    “Why were you in a bush?” he asked. “Also, why are you wearing my hat?”

    “I was trying to hide from the cats and I like this hat.” She said calmly, getting off the bed and removing the hat.

    Her long black hair cascaded down to her lower back, wispy and dark. He suddenly remembered the picture that Tsunade showed him earlier. “You-“he said.

    She looked at him and he tensed up. “You’re the one who attacked the sentry!”

    Her eyes got big and she dropped the hat. “Wait, I can explain-“

    Naruto ran for the door but she snapped her fingers and the door locked. She kept her hands up and her tone fairly even. “Please calm down!”

    Naruto then turned and charged at her but she sidestepped him, moving much faster than he thought she could and drove her elbow into his back, knocking him down. He whipped around and kicked her in the stomach, sending her flying into the door.

    “Sorry lady!” he threw a kunai knife at her but it went a little rogue and went at her face. “OH NO!” he shouted and it struck her making her head snap to the side. All was quiet.

    He saw something hit the floor behind her, a black silk ribbon, now torn in two. He then looked up to see her looking directly at him with pink cheeks. “Uh oh,” she said.

    Naruto suddenly felt his breath catch in his throat. On top of her head were two large black fox ears and she frowned and her hair seemed to puff a little bit like a frightened cat.

    Naruto’s eyes widened and he pointed at her. “WHAT ARE YOU?!”

    “I am in so much trouble is what I am man!” she screamed back.

NarutoxKakashi Ch.3:So Much Trouble
Things take a turn for the interesting when I introduce my oc from a separate series I'm writing for other publishing means.
I figured it would be a fascinating twist.
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3: Here
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6: Coming Soon
I'm in my third year at high school and this boy keeps teasing me because I had a crush on Naruto Uzumaki in Elementary school. When I was a kid people didn't think it was normal so I got teased, ridiculed, shunned and just plain tortured for it. (Elementary school sucked.) In middle someone ate a worm on a dare and everyone completely forgot-or stopped caring.
I was really fragile that day because I was switching out of a class where my favorite teacher (of three years) was and I didn't want to switch; there's a bond their.
I was already upset and then I walk by and hear him teasing me about it. I didn't handle it very well and told him "F*** you!" and ran away then went home crying.
The next day, I expected everything to go back to the way it was before...the teasing, the torture, the pain from being hated for no reason but no one did a thing. No one knew and what was better is that no one really cared.
Our anime club has girls who fawn over Sasuke Uchiha, Pein and characters from all sorts of other anime. I don't just like Naruto; Ichigo, Inuyasha and Koga are all hot-though Naruto's got a special place in my heart still- I'm no ashamed anymore. I'm happy and it's normal now, I'm overjoyed about it.
Though he threw things at my head today-this boy-I hardly know him. We have one class together and we don't even sit together. Not only do I not know how it came up but I don't know why he cares so much?
He threw three coins at my head today and one hit me. I just picked it up and walked to the room he went to hide in and returned it with a big smile on my face. Then I whispered, "Please don't throw that at me again." and left. I smiled and giggled throughout my day, I'm a little more like the characters I idolize. One little comment didn't faze me and it didn't break me.

I'm proud of my strength and I'm also proud of my feelings. (I do still have a crush on Naruto but who cares anymore, I'm happy about it.)
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I'm a 20 year old woman from Oregon, I write Fanfiction, draw from time to time and I have a youtube channel under the name ObakeKai (Ghost Fire) and I make gaming videos for fun. I intend to some day make trailers for my fanfictions and even little video tidbits, tell stories and make movies about the stories I write.

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